Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The 10th Chinese Cultural Festival with Min Hee

Recently Min Hee went to the 10TH Chinese Cultural Festival in downtown Daegu, Not far from the Herbal Medicine Street.  It was an event filled with music, food, costumes, culture and just plain fun!
As soon as we arrived, Min Hee spotted a vendor selling whole coconuts.  She wanted to try the taste of coconut milk.  Her dad is always happy when she tries new things.
“Daddy, this isn’t tasty.”
“Min Hee, it is naturally sweet. No extra sugar.”
“Is it real?”
“Yes, it is.  It is very healthy for you.”
There were drinks for all ages and drinks for adults.  There were drinks for children and then there was the food!
Min Hee loves makchang and she loves rice cakes.  Makchang and rice cakes would be amazing.  Sadly, her five-year old taste for spicy food has not developed enough to try this tasty looking dish.
In a hidden courtyard we heard singing.  
“Daddy, I want to go in there.”
We had arrived at the beginning of a contest for singing.  This contest allowed both Chinese and Korean songs.  We stayed for a while, but Min Hee wanted to see the artists and more.

In one of the booths was a woman who would teach and assist people in making stick candy art.  She was a famous artist from China.  She did not speak English or Korean, BUT, there was a translator who spoke all three!  She fell in love with Min Hee’s cuteness and may have snapped more photos than we did. In the end we paid a small fee and Min Hee and mommy walked away with butterflies on sticks that were handmade (with help!) by our little artist, Min Hee.
One of the booths had traditional clothes that we could try on and have our photo taken. Min Hee had to try on one and we snapped some photos.  We will make an effort to visit more cultural events so we can see the different costumes from different countries.
There were several Chinese artists there with different skills.  Min Hee was interested in the man who was displaying the Lunar Characters. Do you know what Min Hee’s character is?  It is the rabbit!

All in all we had a fun three hours at the festival and will be at the next one for sure!

We hope to see you out and about in our Colorful Daegu and if you happen to see us, please say HI!  If you would like to see more of Min Hee’s activities, please visit her facebook page and give her a LIKE (thumbs up)!  Here is a link:

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