Friday, October 28, 2016

Visit Baekse Bridge at Songhae Park

We introduce you Songhae Park, becoming one of the popular visiting place after finishing construction in early this month. Songhae Cloud Bridge, four observatory, gold cave, music fountains, artificial island, fan rest place, Songhae plaza.... there are number of places to see and enjoy at Songhae Park.
Baekse Bridge, located in Songhae park is a S shaped bridge, symbolizing Taeguk mark. The Okyeon Pond has very clean water and decorated with gazebo and waterwheels. It is such a great place to track, to rest and to date. 'Baekse' literally means 100 years old, and it is said that if you walk along the bridge, you'll live to 100!
You can get a great view at the night as well. Orange-colored lights illuminate at Okyeon Pond. It is very recommended to be on the gazebo on Baekse Bridge and enjoy the sight of Songhae Park. It is good idea to bring your car since there's enough parking space.

Address : Daegu Dalseong-gun Okpo-myeon Gise-ri Okyeon Pond

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