Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Visit Creative Reuse Center: Korea Upcycle Center in Daegu

Concerns on trashes and environment have becoming higher these days.  In addition to recycling, turn trashes into products with higher value, called upcycling, is currently being a hot trend. Daegu have opened Korea Upcycle Center in order to urge continuous interest on upcycling.
What is an Upcycling?

Upcycling has a slightly different meaning with recycling. It is a concept of reusing /recovering goods or even spaces by adding a new idea or design and recreate into products or services that creates new value.
Korea Upcycle Center(KUP) in Daegu

Building Korea Upcycling Center have fulfilled the concept of upcycling. Instead of constructing new building, it have remodeled inside of the domestic relations court in Daegu. For example, the information desk in KUP is composed of old furniture supplies used in the court. KUP is planning to construct upcycling industry platform by creating environment friendly culture, supporting business establishment and developing new brand and products. The business-culture complex is expected to lead the change in citizens' awareness of environment.
At Emotional Space(1F), visitors can view an exhibition of upcycling related products and materials and purchase upcycled products. Some of profits by selling these products are donated to preserve our environment, so purchasing an upcycled product makes us to participate in protecting our environment by two ways. Educational cooperation, business establishment takes place in experience space(2F) as well as recreating equipments such as laser carving machines and 3D printers. Offices of upcycling related firms are located in business space(3F.)



  1. This is amazing idea

    1. Thanks! Visit the center sometime. They have many creative exhibitions :)