Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Visit Seomun Market and Enjoy 'Korea Sale FESTA'!

'Korea Sale FESTA in Seomun Market', is open for nine days, from October 1st to 9th. Korea Sale FESTA is a nationwide event of culture, tourism and shopping, run by government, and Seomun Market is the largest event place in Daegu.

During the event, main product of the market such as clothings, farm products, stockfishes, and miscellaneous goods are sold at discounted prices(from 10% to 50%). On every purchase made, a lottery ticket for giveaways is given and its winners will be announced on October 8th.

Also, more than a half of shops(2,460 of 4,567), are open at night during the festival and a gift card will be offered to customers who make purchases at these shops after 18:30.
Daegu also prepared Night Tour Program, which connects Seomun Night Market, Suseong lake and Spa Valley. The tour is offered to let foreigners to enjoy the culture and tradition of Daegu by visiting attractions in the city. Multinational families, American soldiers from army base and international students are invited to take a ride.

Moreover, from October 6th, '2016 Seomun Market Global Festival' opens for three days and offers things to see and do. Packman Parade, K-pop concert, opera concert, global knee-wrestling tournament, 2016 Seomun Singer Contest, and more events are expected to attract more visitors to Seomun Market.

Main Contents
1. Night Opening shops give out gift cards after 18:30 : 10.1 10.9
5,000 gift card (with purchase of 30,000~50,000)
10,000 gift card (with a purchase of more than 50,000)
2. Giveaway Lottery Event 10.1 ~ 10.8
- Winners are announced at 5pm 10.8 at the main stage.
3. Tour Program for Foreign Tourists : 10.1. 10.9
4. 50%10% Discount Event at all shops : 10.1. 10.9.

5 Global Seomun Market Festival (10. 6. ~ 8.)

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