Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Bongmu Butterfly Sanctuary ( Museum ) with Min Hee

 On a Sunday afternoon Min Hee and her family visited the Bongmu Butterfly Museum in Bongmu Park.  The museum is loaded with things to see and touch.  There are live butterflies flying in the screened area where the above photo was taken.

There were many display cases scattered around the museum with more insects to see.  They were eating or sleeping or staring back at Min Hee as she checked them out!

There is also a greenhouse with more insects to check out.  Take off your jackets it is really warm in  there!

On the first floor of the museum there is a large animation screen.  Children can be given a blank sheet of paper or a sheet with an outline of an animal on the paper.  They have crayons and ask you to color or draw something.  The staff member on duty, will then scan and upload the photo.  It will then be added to the live action animation!

There is a small theater that played some informational videos for families to learn about the history of butterflies and migration that were informative and fun to watch.  The videos are narrated in Korean, but, if you have a basic understanding of biology you will understand the video.

All around the museum there are displays of strange and interesting butterflies and moths.  Min Hee and her dad were very surprised at the sizes of some of them, as well as the different shapes and beautiful colors.

“Whoa daddy, that one is bigger than me!”
“Maybe not as big as you but surely bigger than your head!”

There were several plastic containers in different locations that had live insects to touch for those brave enough.  It is always fun to get your hands dirty once in a while!

“Mommy, what’s in there?”
“I don’t know let’s dig around and see what we find.”
“Mommy, you do it!”

 As we finished up our visit and were heading out of the park, we noticed people down on the shoreline of the lake.  They were skipping stones.  Min Hee and her mom wanted to join in the experience and gave it a few tries.  Min Hee was really trying, but, it can be difficult for five-year-olds to get the correct angle!  Mommy got it though.

“Wow, mommy, mommy, you did it!”

 We hope to see you out and about in our Colorful Daegu and if you happen to see us, please say HI! 

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[Bongmu Butterfly Sanctuary] 

San 134-3, Bongmu-dong, Donggu Bullo, Daegu

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