Wednesday, November 2, 2016

City of Daegu Improves Night Lightning to Prevent Traffic Accidents.

City of Daegu Improves Night Lightning to Prevent Traffic Accidents.

Last year, Daegu officials have visited other cities including Seoul and Busan and reviewed how change in lighting system would affect its surroundings and problems after the installment. After through consideration, Daegu have decided to apply improvements on night lighting and installed high-mast lighting in Beomeo Junction on trial basis.

High-mast lightings are four times brighter than normal streetlights and installed on high towers so it would not disturb drivers’ sights. Lighting angles are adjustable and minimizes light pollution to nearby residents and pedestrians. It will enhance both drivers’ and pedestrians’ sight distance to recognize objects easily and this will help to prevent traffic accidents.

Beomeo Junction is the place with the most traffic loads in Daegu and is also one of the top 20 places nationwide with highest number of traffic accidents. Daegu will continue to conduct study on night traffic accidents, and install high-mast lights in intersections with large traffic loads.

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