Monday, November 14, 2016

Daegu K-Beauty Products Goes Global

Beauty products from Korea are very popular among worldwide customers. In addition to China and Southeast Asia, those have been great markets for the industry, sales number indicates that Korean beauty products are doing well in the market of the United States. 
 The amount of export of the first half of this year made rise of 38% compared to last year. To catch the trend, ventures in the industry with government support are increasing.

Beauty companies in Daegu are proving its quality by exporting their products to China, Thailand, Indonesia, and other countries including the United States and Europe. Government-supporting field includes support in technology, in commercialization, and in empowerment. 

Based on the support, companies of beauty industry in Daegu have reached revenues of \26 billion with \3 billion from exports. Cosmetic companies in the city are becoming small giants as well with differentiated products and great qualities. 

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  1. k beauty is one of the k waves.. beautiful!