Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Daegu Police History Experience Hall with Min Hee

On a dreary Sunday afternoon, Min Hee and her dad set out for the Daegu Police Experience Hall in Jung Gu ( downtown ) Daegu.  It very easy to find and it was an eye opening experience.

The first things you see past the welcome desk are the inmate cells.  This is a little scary when you realize this was a real jail and there were bad people kept here.

“What is this place daddy?”
“It is the place where police keep bad people after they catch them.”
“I don’t want to see bad people.”
“It’s OK this is just a museum now.  We can see how they lived and learn some things about police work.

Here is the typical holding cell for people awaiting trial.  We noticed no beds and that the wash area was only partially private.  It seemed to be a large area.  But, not really comfortable.

As we entered the Forensic Science Hall, Min Hee became excited because she knew what one of the machines were.

“Daddy daddy, I know that thing.  It is a face maker!”

She was correct.  It is a computerized program for sketch artists to take witnesses descriptions and try to produce a likeness of a person who the police want to find.  There was also a table and paper to see how fingerprinting works. 
Insert the image I sent you.  IF POSSIBLE

There is an actual police motorcycle near the stairs and you can sit on it for photographs.  Min  Hee said,

“It’s too big for me to ride daddy.  Maybe when we come back I’ll be big enough.”

That was enough of the first floor.  We went up the stairs and saw photos of all the Superintendents of Korean Police.  And in each of the cells on the second level there were display cases with artifacts from the past.

“That is a funny computer, daddy.  Why is it so big like a mountain?”
“That is a typewriter….”

Some of the items needed an explanation.  The handcuffs didn’t.  There were various tools that police officers would use in doing their jobs.  There were also some personal effects from former police officers.

For Min Hee and her dad, it was a nice time indoors away from the rain.  We both learned a little more about what police officers do and Min Hee learned about where bad people have to stay.

 [Directions to the police history experience hall]
It’s about a  5 min walk from exit 4 of Jungangro Station. 
1-4 Seomunno 1ga (55 Gyeongsanggamnyeong-gil), Jung-gu, Daegu, South Korea 

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