Monday, November 28, 2016

Introducing Star Shops in Daegu #1

Introducing Star Shops in Daegu #1 
The City of Daegu have located restaurants near attractions in Daegu where tourists are easy to find and designated the restaurants as a ‘Star restaurants.’ We introduce the list of Star restaurants so you may enjoy the taste of Daegu.

1. Mirim Restaurant
Mirim Restaurant is a pork cutlet restaurant near modern alley and Seomun Market. It has been running over 50 years with great taste and tradition.
ㆍAddress: 93-gil, Gukchaebosang-ro 6, Jung-gu, Daegu  / Click here to check the map

2. Lora Mill
The mill is located at Kim Gwangseok alley in Jung-gu. It has been running for 30 years after remodeling an old styled mill. Lora mill is famous for its ttoppoki(stir-fried rice cake) and cheese hot dog made of rice cake.
ㆍAddress:  Dalgubul-daero 450-gil 18, Jung-gu, Daegu / Click here to check the map

3. Cheongshin Oriental Medicine

The expert has been producing oriental medicine for 46 years. It can be found in Yangnyeong Market in Jung-gu.
ㆍAddress: Namsung-ro 16-1 , Jung-gu, Daegu / Click here to check the map

4. Bluemoon Restaurant

You can find Bluemoon Restaurant in Pagye-ro, Dong-gu. It is famous for its steak made with best rated Korean cattle. Tourists who visited Palgong Mountain and Buddhist temples are recommended to eat at the high-quality western styled restaurant.
ㆍAddress: Pagye-ro 685, Dong-gu, Daegu / Click here to check the map

5. Baekrimjeong
It is located near two tourist attractions in Dong-gu--Yongam Castle and Do-dong Forest. Baekrimjeong offers a healthy chicken soup with oriental medical ingredients and lotus leafs, a regional product of Dong-gu.
ㆍAddress: Dopyung-ro 249, Dong-gu, Daegu  / Click here to check the map


  1. I've heard of the pork cutlet restaurant from one of my friends.. Taste was good but long line to wait, he said. If it's worth to wait, I will try.