Monday, November 21, 2016

Let`s prepare for upcoming winter! (Tips to prevent from freezing of water supply)

Let`s prepare for upcoming winter!

Now, temperature is dropping to say it`s winter! if the temperature drops quickly, it brings some problems. One of the worst problems might be "freeze and burst of water supply." If you do not prepare by checking or taking care before it gets too cold, you might face to worst situation that you cannot use water because it is frozen. Especially if you live in apartment of corridor across, where is really weak to prevent from freezing, you have to look water gauge more carefully. We will give up some tips for how to check your water supply and prepare for winter.

[Tips to prevent from freezing of water supply]
1. Even if you do not use it, turn it on a little bit to keep water flows.
2. If you have pipes outside of house, cover it with lagging materials
3. You can use cottons, blanket, old clothes, and Styrofoam as lagging materials

4. If you have pipe outside, use only main valve(if you have 2 valves, main valve will be the one in behind.
5. If it is already froze, then try to melt it with hair dryer or heater pack

*If you are living in apartment or villa, take care of water supply in balcony!

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