Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Meet the history of Daegu at Bukseongro tool museum

Meet the history of Daegu at Bukseongro tool museum

Where do you think the center of Daegu is? Most of people in Daegu will answer to this question "Dong-Seong-Ro".
Of course, "Dong-Seong-Ro" is center of Daegu to young generation, but old generation might think differently. Before 1980s, "Hyang-Chon-Dong" was the place instead of "Dong-Seong-Ro". 

Inter alia, "Bukseongro" where it place in the center of "Hyang-Chon-Dong" was best spot of businesses among lots of people. As time goes on, tool retailers started to come here , and now it becomes a best district of tool commerce. Those people keeps their old histories until nowadays. One of the place where those histories are recorded is "Bukseongro tool museum."
"Bukseongro tool museum was rebuilt of "Jeon-San Ga-Ok" which means "enemy`s house" in Japanese colonial era. "Jeon-San Ga-Ok" was our painful past, but also our history too.

As you get in to this museum, you can see thousands of old school tools, parts for iron doors, and household supplies. Among those items, a Bike which settled in the middle of museum attracts your attention first.

Rusty iron tools with orange light are mixed together and make uncanny feeling. There are full of tools that we are not using in these days.   

You can also see some cans and parts from U.S. military. Bukseongro was influenced by neighboring U.S. military base a lot.

Most of tools are donated to be exhibited. On Second floor, supplies such as nuts and bolts are put on display. This room is made with tatami floor and it will be awesome if you look at Book-Seong-Ro from here too.
Meet Daegu`s past from "Bukseongro tool alley."

*Where: TaePyeong-Ro 28Gil 24 "Bukseongro tool museum", Jung-Gu, Daegu
*When : Tuesday - Saturday( 10:00 am to 07:00 pm )
*Fee : free!

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