Friday, November 25, 2016

The coffee Garden, 'La Finca'

The coffee Garden, 'La Finca'

Daegu is city of coffee where annually open international Coffee & Café expo. Thanks to people`s love for coffee in Daegu, lots of cool cafés are built around the street. 

Among those cafés, "Coffee MyeongGah" is one of first generation for coffee specialty store where led fever of coffee in Daegu. 

"La Finca", is a coffee lab from "Coffee MyeongGah" in ManChon-Dong, SooSeong-Gu, Daegu. 'La Finca" is Spanish means farm , and like it`s name, you can see coffee trees from over the sea.

This place, looks like it mixed with farm and museum, is one of the best place to be for people who loves coffee. Even it is cold winter right now, but still you can see full of vitality from coffee trees.

Also, they exhibit Top 10 coffee beans for you to try smelling, touching and comparing each beans to others.

There is "Plant Factory" which located besides of café too. 

In here, saplings of coffee trees from many countries are growing, and you can buy them if you want to. "La Finca", where you can experience everything about coffee, is offering you to enjoy nice coffee for this winter. :)

Address: 953-1 Gukchaebosang-ro, Manchon 1-dong, Susong-gu, Daegu


  1. It's like a coffee museum. I love this place!

    1. Have you been there? It's so nice place to know about coffee. :)