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5 Places to Find Fabric, Craft, and Art Supplies in Daegu

5 Places to Find Fabric, Craft, and Art Supplies in Daegu

Whether you’re looking to decorate for the holidays, paint a masterpiece, knit a cap, or try out a craft project from Pinterest, here are five places in Daegu where you can find fabric, craft, and art supplies.

This is one of your best bets for a comprehensive, all-in-one craft store.  Boasting multiple levels and stocked with a wide array of crafting and art supplies, SDot has a little bit of everything.  The only downside: some items can be a little on the pricey side.
Items available: Pre-cut fabric, notions, dried flowers, holiday decorations, paper, paint, stationery, and art supplies

Location: Next to 2.28 Memorial Park, across the street from the Novotel in downtown Daegu. Click here for a map.

Finding craft items here can be hit or miss as the stock at this popular discount store is constantly changing.  As no two stores are quite the same, finding a reliable supply of what you need can be a challenge, but given the low prices, it’s well-worth a visit.
Items available: Fake flowers, party supplies, paper goods, scrapbooking materials, crafting supplies, baking and candy supplies

Location: Multiple locations, though one of the newest and largest stores can be found across the street from Kyobo bookstore and H&M in downtown Daegu.  Click here for a map. 

Artbox is perhaps mostly known for its cute and quirky collection of gifts, stationery, and home goods, but you can find a good amount of traditional art supplies like paint and paint brushes.
Items available: Paint, brushes, canvas, stationery, fake flowers, party supplies

Location: 39 Dongseong-ro, Dongseongno 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu (and multiple other locations throughout Daegu)

Hobby Plus
Hobby Plus sells knitting and crochet supplies as well as more hard-to-find notions such as blocking tools.  Knitting and crochet classes are also offered in Korean.
Items available: Yarn, knitting supplies, crochet yarn, thread, cross stitch kits

Location: Banwoldang exit 2. Walk straight ahead once you exit the station and the store will be on your left.

Seomun Market
With one of the largest selections of fabric and craft supplies, Seomun market is truly a paradise for crafters.  If it’s your first time visiting Seomun, allow yourself a good amount of time to wander around (don’t forget to look upstairs) to familiarize yourself with the maze of alleys that make up this famous market.  While some sections of Seomun are dedicated to fabric and home goods, there are pockets of craft vendors mixed in throughout the space.
Items available: Many types of fabric, notions, baskets, flowers, holiday decorations, sewing supplies, small home goods, ceramic pots, and crafting supplies
Location: Daegu, Jung-gu, 대신동 115

Do you have any favorite arts and craft stores in Daegu? Leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. I live in Daegu, but it is a matter of shame that I don't know the places in Daegu where I can find fabric, crafts and art supplies. All of the fabric, crafts and art supplies are very much fantastic in those five places. Now I am planning to go to the Seomun Market as soon as possible to get all of these items.