Thursday, December 1, 2016

6th Daegu coffee & café EXPO.

6th Daegu coffee & café EXPO.

The 6th coffee & cafe EXPO will be opened from Dec. 8 to Dec. 11 in EXCO. It is Daegu`s representative EXPO which more than 80,000 people visit every year. Because Daegu has way more amounts of coffee shops than other regions, it has become center of coffee industries. It is not too much to say most of baristas in all over Korea comes from Daegu.

Try delicious coffee from coffee & Cafe EXPO in Daegu, "the city of coffee"  

Displaying items
Green coffee beans, Roasted coffee beans, Dutch, Etc
Coffee machine
Espresso machine, Roaster, Grinder, Etc
Home Café
Coffee machines at home, tools for brewing, Drip bag, Etc
Other stuffs

Sauce, syrup, powder, Purée , Etc

Tea / Beverage
Black tea, Green tea, Herb tea, Healthy beverage, alcohols, etc
Bakery / Desserts
Cake, Bread, Cookie, Chocolate, Ice cream, etc
Related college course, Lifelong educational center, etc
Interior / Decoration
Tableware for Café, Design items

There are lots of Original stores of famous coffee franchise. "Coffee Myeong-Ga", "Da vinci", "Sleepless of Seattle" , "Hand`s Coffee" , "Mokambo" , "BomBom", "Mass Coffee", "Havana express" are all started from Daegu, and became popular through all over the country, and even internationally to let people know coffee of Daegu.
More than 100 companies are waiting in EXPO for you to know all about coffee :)

- Date : 2016 December 8th (Thur) ~ 2016 December 11th (Sun)
- Open time : 10:00 am ~ 6:00 pm(~5:00 pm for 11th)
- Place : EXCO
- Site : (Only Korean)

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