Friday, December 16, 2016

Daegu Art college coalitional exihibition

Daegu Art college coalitional exihibition

Daegu Art factory is now exhibiting senior`s graduate work of Art-major from 6 colleges in Daegu

Title of exhibition is "Very Nearly Almost". The title means that this is first opportunity to exhibit their works to 140 newbie artists who just got graduated. 

You can meet various art works such as painting, media art, picture, sculpture, architecture, and so on. Those works of artist who just stepped to real society shows their potential power to improve  future arts. 

The exhibition will gives pride, and opportunity of growth to those artists. Daegu art factory also prepared lots of programs to help them to find their way for future.

One artist from each college who did great work will be rewarded creation support fund. 
Let`s meet Daegu`s young arts from Daegu art factory
Exhibition Schedule : December, 13th(Tue) ~ December 31st(Sat)

Place: Daegu Art Factory 1st, 2nd floor gallary
joined colleges: GyeongBuk Univ. , GyehMyeong Univ. , Daegu Catholic Univ., Daegu Univ., Daegu Art Univ. , YeongNam Univ.

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