Tuesday, December 13, 2016

"SeoNam Market", a best place to get Jokbal.

    "SeoNam Market", a best place to get Jokbal.

"SeoNam Market" is one of largest traditional markets in Daegu. You can see entrance from exit number 1 from Gam-sam station(Daegu subway line 2)
No matter weekdays or weekends, there are always crowed with people.

"SeoNam market"`s inner interior became clean after it renewed as "SeoNam new market"
It is good experience to come traditional market and watch those various items. Well, if you are done with your shopping and feel hungry, don`t worry. Tons of snack stores are waiting for you

Prices of traditional market are seriously cheaper than any other franchised hyper market.
Can you see that cup of chicken balls? Do not surprise for its price. It is only 2 dollars :)

If you keep walking through "SeoNam market" one thing might stop you to see, "Jokbal". You can see many "Jokbal" stores around. In fact, "SeoNam market" is most famous for  "Jokbal". Daegu`s famous stores of "Jokbal" is all in here.

As number of stores, types of "Jokbal" is also various. Hot "Jokbal", Soy sauce "Jokbal", Orignial styled "Jokbal", and so on. One of the best side menu for "Jokbal" is Spicy noodle. "Jokbal" becomes more tasty with this spicy noodle.
If you want to try those tasty "Jokbal", come to "SeoNam Market"!


  1. cool! Jokbal here is one of the bests!!

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