Monday, December 12, 2016

The Oriental Medicine and Ecological Wellbeing Experience Center with Min Hee!

The Oriental Medicine and Ecological Wellbeing Experience Center with Min Hee!

Located downtown next to the YMCA and across from the old Jeil Church and Yangnyoengshi Herbal Medicine Museum is this cool place that, on the first floor promotes Ecological awareness and has some really neat items for sale that you might not easily find in other places you visit.

At the visitor’s information desk, also known as the Energy Supermarket is a display case with items for sale. The first item that Min Hee asked about was the item in the photo above.  It has a USB port and can be connected to any electrical device with a battery and then by turning the small crank you can recharge your smart device or battery bank.

The second item that was odd was this small solar power collector.  It is small enough to fit in a purse or small backpack.  They also a funny looking solar powered hat with fans to keep you cool.  Other items for sale were low energy using light bulbs and rechargeable batteries.  They also carry a few water saving devices such as shower heads and faucet connectors.

Inside past the counter are walls with ecological advice and learning points and hints.  All the information is displayed in exciting and colorful ways.  Many of the displays are interactive.  Standing on a pad that turns on a light by converting your pressure on the pad into a short burst of electricity, is one of the displays.

“Daddy, why is that funny bicycle in here?”
“Min Hee, if you ride the bike, the turning wheel makes electricity. 
Somebody can fill up their cell phone battery.”
The bike pictured above is part of a display that shows how people can power a lamp or a radio.  After the display was installed, someone figured out that they could add and extension cord and visitors could get in a mini workout AND recharge their batteries in their phones and maybe burn a calorie.  Smart idea!

We hope to see you out and about in our Colorful Daegu and if you happen to see us, please say HI!  If you would like to see more of Min Hee’s activities, please visit her facebook page and give her a LIKE (thumbs up)!  Here is a link:


  1. Great learning experience for the whole family! No couch potatoes in your family❣️