Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tweji Guk Bap- sliced boiled pork and rice soup!

Tweji Guk Bap- sliced boiled pork and rice soup! 😲

To make this a very tasty dish, the neck bones from pigs are boiled, boiled, and boiled some more!  They may be boiled for 12 to 24 hours.  This depends on the recipe and the bones being used.  This is just to make the broth!  A lot of time and energy goes into a pot of broth.  It is hard work, but most of the restaurants I visit to enjoy a bowl have been at it for years and years.  The restaurant we visited today is in Bongduk Market.  The owner has been going at if for well over 40 years.  We have been customers of hers for 14 years.

I particularly enjoy the smell of the soup in the winter.  It just begs me to scoot in and sit down for a bowl.  This guy bragged to me that he must be famous by now from all the people who snap his photo!

Typical sides that are served are twenjang (bean paste) an assortment of garlic onions, fresh whole peppers kimchi (various sorts, based on the cooks view of what goes well with their soup), sometimes a type of red pepper paste may also be offered, as well as briny shrimp to add saltiness to the broth.  Black pepper may be on the table or available upon request.

I have enjoyed this soup since I was first introduced to it over eighteen years ago and now my daughter, Min Hee, enjoys eating it with her mom and dad.  During the cooler winter it is a nice afternoon or early morning meal.  There are restaurants that serve this soup or variations of the soup.  You can find it served in restaurants where it is the main dish.  You can usually find it in your neighborhood outdoor markets. 

Here is a pro tip.  If you find that you enjoy the soup at your neighborhood market ask when the closing days are.  They usually close on rotating Sundays, so maybe your particular market may be open the first and third Sundays, it might be closed on the second and fourth Sundays.  I have a few places I like to visit, and have sometimes made the trip only to find I had mixed up the closing days.  There are restaurants all over the city, so go try so TWEJI GUK BAP!

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