Friday, December 2, 2016

Watch out for Norovirus!

Watch out for Norovirus!

During the winter season, food poisoning by Norovirus is often occurs in Daegu. Food poisoning is commonly known as one of the diseases that frequently happen in Summer, so people do not care for it in winter. However, 48% of Norovirus infection occurs in winter! Therefore you have to be careful for your cleanliness & food control and stay healthy for winter :)

How Norovirus occurs
Noro virus can be infected by food such as vegetables, fruits, shell fishes, seaweeds, and so on which polluted by underground water or seawater, or by indirect/direct through people who is infected to this virus.

Major symptoms
24-48 hours after infected, it can cause sickness, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, stomachache, muscular ache, headache, fever and so on.
 *   vomits and excrement from infected person can have virus, so it can be infected by saliva or sweat.

How Prevent Norovirus
1. Clean your hands often. Norovirus won`t get off easily, so clean your hands at least 30 seconds with soap or sanitizer.
2. Cook enough for fishes/shell fishes and must boil underground water if you want to drink. Norovirus is also strong at temperature, so you should cook over a minute at 85 degrees of celcius.(185 fahrenheit)
3. Wash vegetables & fruits with clean water enough before eat.
4. As soon as you figure those symptoms, go to hospital immediately, and sterilize all places where you touched.

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  1. Norovirus prevails these days... Be careful!!