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2017~2018 Must Visit Korea Attractions #1. Bangcheon Market and Kim Kwang-suk Road in Daegu

2017~2018 Must Visit Korea #1.
Bangcheon Market & Kim Kwang-suk Road

Do you have a plan to visit Korea, but you do not know where would you go? 

There are 100 places you must visit in Korea for 2017-2018. Some people have already been to many areas in Korea but never been to Daegu. If you a true explorer, why don't you visit Daegu this time? 

In Daegu, there are 2 places are chosen: Bangcheon Market & Kim Kwang-suk Raod and Daegu Modern Culture Alley. 
Both of them are already famous to visitors but expected more visitors. 

This time, let’s find out what we can do in Bangcheon Market & Kim Kwang-suk Road

Every market in Daegu has their different color. Bangcheon market is a conventional market, next to the Suseong bridge.  In Bangcheon market, you can see many beautiful murals drawn by many young artists. 

At first, Bangcheon market wasn't a cultural road like these days. 
The market started after Korean War like other famous markets in Korea. And then it was almost closed due to decreasing customers. 
Fortunately, it became a cultural street since 2009. Many artists started to make Bangcheon market a cultural place. However, you still can have snacks or liquor in this market. It will be nice to have them and look around the market. 

I think you might have a question in your mind: 
‘Who is Kim Kwang-suk? Every travel guidebook, travel blog tells about him, but I have no idea who he is. ‘

Kim Kwang-suk was a famous folk rock singer. Almost his songs were loved by many Koreans and still they are loved. Kim Kwang-suk was born in Jung-gu, Daegu in January 22, 1964 and spent his life in here. 

That is the reason you can listen many his songs if you visit this street. Many musicians also came to here and have concerts. 

There is a radio studio of alley. You can enjoy your day with beautiful his songs. 
The radio starts on 12:00pm.~02:00pm. 

One of his famous song is 'The Private's letter'. You can see love letters and locks hung on the wall. As all Korean men should do their military services. Many couples want to keep their love until his services over or forever their loves.  

Most of his songs' lyrics with murals are on the wall. Unfortunately, every word is in Korean.  
But I hope you could listen his songs and watch the murals slowly. 
This song's title is 'Though I loved you'.

In Kim Kwang-suk road, not only you can see his pictures and know about his songs, but also enjoy your coffee in beautiful cafés. Most cafés’ names are followed by his songs’ titles. 
You can take a rest in a café, listening musics and having coffee. 

Do you want to visit remarkable place in Daegu? Please visit Bangcheon Market & Kim Kwang-suk Road and fill your mind with beautiful arts.   

Bangcheon Market & Kim Kwang-suk Road
■Address: 2, Dalgubeol-daero 446-gil, Jung-gu

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