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Best Education for My Child in Daegu: Daegu International School

Best Education for My Child in Daegu: 
Daegu International School

Many parents consider their kid’s education. Going to normal Korean School might be difficult for kids whose mother tongues are not Korean. 

Don’t worry. In Daegu, there is an International School, DIS (Daegu International School). Let’s take a look around DIS!

▲Daegu International School

Ⅰ. Brief Introduction of DIS

1. Introduction
DIS is established in 2010. It is located in 22, Palgong-ro 50-gil, Dong-gu, Daegu. DIS has partnership with Lee Academy. Lee Academy is located in Maine, northeast of the United States. Almost every class is based on American education and students who graduate from DIS can get 2 diplomas, DIS and Lee Academy. Students of DIS can enter the finest universities or colleges in Korea, the USA, and Worldwide. DIS will support students in academically, socially, and emotionally.  

2. Facility
▲Daegu International School

In DIS, every facility considers students’ education. There are over 300 classrooms (each class has a smart board), library/ information center, dining hall, auditorium(120 seat) , artificial turf, places related in physical education (gymnasium, outdoor tennis court, outdoor basketball court, and athletic filed) and residence hall (120 students are available to use. Each room is for 2 students, sharing private bathroom and air conditioning & radiant heat. The 1st floor has a lobby for watching TV, a game room, kitchen, and fitness center.)
※School bus (Round trip only), cafeteria, and residence hall are optional with extra cost.

▲Daegu International School

Ⅱ. Curriculum

Each year starts on August-June.
It consists of Early Childhood (from kindergarten to 5th grades)– Middle School – High School.

▲Daegu International School

1. Early Childhood
Students in these grades will do language arts, Mathematics, and so on.
Language arts in these grades are really important. Students learn reading, writing, speaking and listening.
Mathematics offers a comprehensive program for students. It is helpful for students to solve problems, develop concepts and basic skills.
Of course, art, music, P.E. and language ( Chinese, Spanish), and technology integration.

 1) Until 2nd grades: in these grades, students study to build social and communication skills and encourage success and independence. Teachers will help students to read and write. Also, math, critical thinking and problem solving is also expected in classes. Teachers will encourage students to love their education.

 2) Intermediate grades: 3rd~ 5th grades
In these levels, students are expected higher level thinking, problem solving skills to prepare for middle school. Students will do some projects in science and social studies.

2. Middle School

Middle school students study Mathematics, English Language Arts, Social Studies and Science intensively. Also, students study world languages, music, art, technology and P.E.
Each student take 8 classes spread out over 2 days (Blue day and Green day). The first 4 classes are held on “Blue days” and the other 4 classes are held on “Green days”.

3. High School
High school students need to take care of their grades to graduates.
[Graduation requirements]

DIS Graduation Requirements
College/University Course Recommendation
4 credits(4.5 credits from 2018)
4 credits
Math & Science
7 credits (3 math, 3 science, 1 biology)
7 credits
Social Studies
3 credits(1 credit in U.S History)
3-4 credits
Fine Arts
1 credit
1 credit(major in fine arts should have more)
World Language
1 credit
2-4 credits(a minimum of 3 years in 1 world language)
2 credits
2 credits
Elective Courses
6 credits
7-11 credits
Total Credits
24 credits
24-30 credits

There is the college counseling for high school students. Students can get helps about colleges. 

4. After School Activities
In after school activities, students can get more education. There are co-curricular athletic, academic, cultural, artistic, and social awareness activities. These activities will help students to be as global citizens, teamwork, and have fun with their friends. 

▲Daegu International School

Ⅲ. Admission

What will be like admissions criteria of DIS? 

Grade Level
Date of Birth
Date of Birth
Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8
Grade 9
Grade 10
Grade 11
Grade 12

STEP 1: Application Form with supporting Documents

[Documents you need]
  1. Application 
   1)Application form in English
   2)Personal Essay for self introduction(Interests/ skills)
   3)transcript, report card, standardized test scores.
   4)Records of Awards(Optional)
    ※On the application, the photo should be on the front page in the space provided

 2. Documents
   1)Copy of applicant’s non-Korean passport with parents’ passports. 
   2)Copy of current copy of both parents’ and child’s Alien Registration Card (ARC).
    ※Applications without a current ARC cards and passports will be considered as Korean national. (Only 30% Korean students are able to get in DIS.)
   3)Recommendation of teachers 
     - Each 1 copy of Principal, vice-principal, counselor/ English teacher(1 copy), Math teacher (1 copy)

▲Daegu International School

STEP 2: Interview and Test

  1. Category A: Kindergarten
   - Application Review and Personal Interview (include admissions test)
   - Speaking skill, English language foundation skills, and early numeracy skills.
   - Parents will be able to meet with the admissions director.

2. Category B: Grade 1~Upper Grades
   - Application review and Personal interview & test
   - Admissions test: Online test of reading, English language, and math
   - Personal interview: Writing sample

STEP 3: Acceptances

Informed by e-mail.

STEP 4: Final documents & Fees

 1)Record of student’s medical information
 2)Consent form of admission
 3)5 Identification pictures
 4)Copy of parents’ passport

If you need more information, please contact these numbers.

▲Daegu International School

Tel: +82-53-980-2100
School Cafeteria: +82-53-980-2166(Directly) /
General Inquiries:
■Address: 22, Palgong-ro 50-gil, Dong-gu, Daegu

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