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All about the Transportation in Daegu : #1. Intra-city Bus. How to use Daegu Bus, Kinds of transit cards, Daegu Bus fare.

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How to use transportation #1. Intra-city Bus 

Being in a new area makes people nervous due to problems of housing, transportation and so on. No worries, We will help to settle down. This city Daegu has well-develped public transportation system so you can easily understand how to use and take your way by Bus, Subway and Taxi. This time, let’s find out how to use transportation in Daegu city, Especially about Intra-city BUS.

■ Intra-city bus in Daegu

▲ Photo by Guide for Daegu Foreign Residents Living in Daegu

There are 4 types of the intra-city buses; Express bus( Rapid bus), Blue bus, circular bus, and feeder bus. Express bus is for connecting downtown and suburb, blue bus is connecting downtown and sub- center and suburb. Circular bus is circulating in the city and also connecting the blue, feeder buses and subway. Finally feeder bus is for residential area and small area.

You can see bus stops each road and you need to check where you want to go and get on the right number of the bus.
Every bus stop has the routes for the buses. Also, some bus stop will show when the bus arrives.

There is a secret of the blue buses' numbers. I’ll tell you the secret!

No. 0
Jung-gu, Nam-gu
No. 5
Dalseo-gu(Seongseo), Dalseong-gun(Dasa), Seojae)
No. 1
Dong-gu (Dongdaegu Station and Mt. Palgongsan)
No. 6
No. 2
No. 7
No. 3
Buk-gu(areas except for Chilgok)
No. 8
Dong-gu(Banyawol, Ayanggyo Bridge, Ansim), Gyeongsan(Hayang)
No. 4
Suseong(Nambu Station, Siji, Gosan, Suseonggyo Bridge)
No. 9
Suseong-gu(Siji), Gyeongsan

The front number means departure, middle number, stops and the last number, the last stop. If you take a bus 309, it goes to Buk-gu-Jung-gu, Nam-gu- Suseong-gu(Siji), Gyeongsan. It’s convenient to use it!

Then, what about the price of the bus fare? It has been changed recently. 

General Bus

There are 4 different cards; Pre-paid card(One Pass, 3,000KRW)), Pre-paid card(Top Pass, 2,000KRW~4,000KRW)), Deferred payment card( Credit card with transit fare payment function). Finally reloadable prepaid cards(T-money, Cash Bee, One pass, Hanpay). You can purchase the 2 pre-paid card in Daegu bank, Subway station, Bus station kiosk, transportation card sales affiliates, convenient stores, etc. Also, the deferred payment card is available in relevant card companies.

▲ Onepass                                             ▲ Toppass                                        ▲ Credit Card

Now, let’s take the bus. How to pay in the bus?

If you have one of the cards, put a card on the card reader. It says something depends on your age.  The bus fare will be deducted or added depends on your card. When you pay with your cash, insert cash in the box next to the bus driver. The change is given in coins).

After that, you can seat where the seats are empty. Before sit on your seats, please empty several seas with yellow covers. These yellow seats are for the senior citizens, the pregnant women, and the handicapped.

There is an announcement for each bus stop. First, it says “This bus stop is~” and then “The next stop is~”. Also, there is a board says about the bus stops.

If you need to transfer to the other buses, you need to put your card on the backdoor reader. It will say “하차입니다.(Hachaipnida, alight)”.

※ Free transfer is available for those who transfer to a bus on another route or subway within 30 minutes from alighting from the bus you first boarded. 
 If the bus fare of your transfer is larger than that of the previous one, the difference is deducted. 
※ Free transfer is available when transferring between subways, Daegu and Gyeongsan intra-city buses(all routes.)

◎ More information
 ●Website : (Korean, English)
 ●Bus cost :
 ●Rearranged Bus Routes info in Jan, 2017 :

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