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All about the Transportation in Daegu : #3. Taxi- How to use Daegu Taxi, Daegu transit fare, Taxi service.

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How to use transportation #3. Taxi

This would be the last of the Transportation series. The last is Taxi. People usually take taxi when they need to go somewhere urgently or when they bring luggage. It means that Using taxi is convenient because they can drop you just right in front of your destination. You might think it's easier to use taxi than other public transportation because you are just able to catch a cab on the roadside. Yes you are right, and more we will let you know about things like kinds of taxi, kinds of payment. So after you read this article, you can check how to make your way reasonable.

You can take or alight from a taxi anywhere along the roadside including taxi stops of an airport or a station if it will not cause inconvenience to traffic.
The basic fare of the taxi is 2,800KRW. It goes up according to the distances. Model and large taxi’s minimum fare is 4,000KRW. Also, remember that there is an extra charge for nighttime service.

Mostly, people pay their fares for cash, but you can also pay with your card in card taxi. There is a orange sign, “Card”. When you pay, just give your card to the taxi driver.

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In Daegu, there is a “Safe Taxi Service”. It gives you information about boarding time, location and taxi information is sent as a text message to the passenger’s family in order to alleviate any anxiety that might come from taking a taxi late at night.

Touch your smart phone to the NFC sticker attached to the front seat or the door of a back seat to send a text message of the taxi information you are taking to the person you designate through the built-in application.

If you have any problems of the transportation in Daegu, tell us about your problems.

◎ More information  
 ● Call center : +82-53-120
 ● Reporting inconvenience transportation service : 82-53-254-5000
 ● Night-duty room : +82-53-803-2222(nighttime)

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