Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Event : Be a part of Chimac Festival 2017 as a Chimac Leader ! - Chicken and Beer, Daegu Chimac Festival 2017, Korea

Anyone Who wants to be a Chimac Leader?

Chimac(Chickend and Bear, 치맥) Festival, One of Representative Festival in Daegu, is looking for the First Chimac Leaders of Chimac Festival 2017. Daegu will lead the globalization of Daegu Chimac by grafting local features onto the Chimac fever spreading over the world, like the case of Octoberfest which grew as the world festival with beer, said on host of the festival.

▲Daegu Chimac Festival 2016

Leaders will be planning and marketing of Chimac Festival and related events with SNS account. Also They have to run a event in the festival, Administrative jobs will be offered about Choosing Volunteers – Chimac friends.

If you are graduate or undergraduate student of university in Korea, Why don’t you join and enjoy your summer days with Chicken and Beer? You can apply from February 22 to March 17, 2017.  Details below, Let’s check it out.

◆ Details

 ● Subject of Application :
   - Korean : graduate or undergraduate student in University of Daegu or KyungPook.
   - Foreigner : graduate or undergraduate student of university in Korea

 ● Period of Application : From February 22 to March 17 of 2017

 ● Period of Activity : From April to July of 2017 (Must be attend on July 19 to July 23,
                                     one day before of Main Event of Chimac Festival)

 ● Submission : Email to dgchimac@hanmail.net

 ● Documents :
   - Application of Chimac Leaders 2017 (Download on Official website)

 ● Schedule :    
    ※ Schedule are subject to change

 Enquiry : Please contact to +82-53-248-9998 ( In Korea 053-248-9998) / dgchimac@hanmail.net

 Activity :
   - Marketing of Chimac Festival and related events.
   - Managing of Chimac Festival and related events.
   - Selecting and managing of Volunteer of Chimac Festival -Chimac friends.
   - Job as Chimac SNS account coordinator / Contents editing and making.

  - Fluency of foreign language (English, Chinese, Japanese)
  - Who is able to work before start of festival (Festival starts from July 19 to July 23).
  - Volunteer of Daegu Chimac Festival
  - Extra points will be added for those with individual PR documents (Powerpoint, Video)
    attach and submit to dgchimac@hanmail.net

 ● Note
  - Please write application accurately.
  - Chimac Leaders have to attend on official event of your working period.
  - Chimac Leaders have to wear uniform during your working period.
  - Chimac Leaders have to register on website of 1365 volunteer work porter.

 ● For Chimac Leaders only
  - Certificate from Mayor of Daegu City
  - Recognition of Volunteering activity During Festival
  - Uniform as Chimac Leaders
  - Expenses for meal of meeting.
  - Ceremony of disbanding
  - Chimac everytime during working period as Chimac Leader.

For more information and application, Here's link for you. Enjoy! 

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