Friday, February 3, 2017

New Daegu Metropolitan City's Website. What has changed?

New Daegu Metropolitan City's Website
What has changed?

Daegu Metropolitan City’s website has changed recently. Have you checked out? 
If you have not checked, let’s find out how it was changed. It has really improved!

1. Front page

▲Daegu Metropolitan City's Website

Some people recognize that the background of the website has changed. It looks much clearer and more like Daegu. Also, it shows that Daegu’s is in: Basin.

▲Daegu Metropolitan City's Website

One of the best changes on this website you can see Daegu on several banners.  As you can see the below, you can see 12 distinct views of Daegu. Every view is attractive to the visitors. Not only for the view also see the tour points with several themes: Medical Tours, Foods, stamps tours, and so on.

2. About Daegu

▲Daegu Metropolitan City's Website

In this category, it shows all about Daegu: History, Symbol, Major Policies, and how to get to Daegu. 
Also, it will be a good chance to learn about relationships with other overseas’ countries or cities as well.

3. Life in Daegu

 ▲Daegu Metropolitan City's Website

Have you recently moved to Daegu? Do you have many questions about life in Daegu? 
This category is totally for citizens. Daegu city cares its citizens first. There are a lot of information from education to foreigner services. Find out what you want to know and get the answers.

4. Culture & Business

▲Daegu Metropolitan City's Website

This category will be helpful for you! 
Last January, Daegu also attended to the CES 2017, one of the top 3 electronic exhibitions. Daegu city is really helpful for business people, because there is a session for business people talking about their business and difficulties. 

Culture sections give you information about Daegu culture.
Daegu is well known for its' harmony between modern culture and current culture. One of the good things about the history tours is that they are not difficult or boring. Walk around for each alley and listen carefully what the interpreter says about the history. 

5. Mobile app

▲Daegu Metropolitan City's Mobile App

Daegu city’s Mobile app is as convenience as the website. Every set-up is similar to the website.  Everything is simple and useful in this app.

★The event

▲Daegu Metropolitan City's website

Even though it has changed for the better, there are still some things need to be corrected. 

Please let us know and get a present. 

 ■ Participation due date : ~February 24(06:00pm)
 ■ Participant : Everyone who uses the website
 ■ Area of the event : the Website, mobile app
 ■ How to participate : 
     1. Find out typing errors, untrue information, link error, script error, X-box of the images and so on.
     2. Use the event’s bulletin boards .(written in Korean – 옥의 티를 찾아주세요’-Rink :

[Announcement of the Prize Winner]

 ■ Period : February 28 10:00am
 ■ Result : Through the website or Text message
 ■ Prize : Mobile gift voucher(10,000KRW)

[More information]

 ■ Website :
 ■ Inquiry : +82-53-120

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