Friday, February 17, 2017

Service for Multicultural Family of Daegu : Home Visiting Education Service in Daegu City, Korea.

for Multicultural family in Daegu
Expansion of Home visiting education service

If you have children of Elementary schooler or preschooler, Here’s good news for you.

Daegu City has expanded a service of Home visiting education from March 2017.
Korean and curriculum subject in Elementary school will be taught to preschooler and Elementary school students of Multicultural Family. Daegu City has been provided Korean Education service from 2012 to preschooler from Multicultural family and from expand to Elementary school students too this year.

Subject for for Elementary school students also has expanded to Korean, English, Mathematics, Social studies, Science and it’s 1:1 personalized home visiting education.

180 personnel will be selected and priority to students from low-income group.
Service will start From March to December 2017 and home visiting educator will visit student’s house once a week.

▶ Details

  Subject of application :
   ● Preschooler (Birth from January.1, 2010 to December 31. 2013)
   ● Elementary school student(Birth from January 1, 2004 to December 31, 2009)

  Volume of student : 180 personnel
  Period of Education : March 2017 – December 2017 (10 months)
  Subject of Education : Choose 1 subject between Korean, English, Mathematics, Social studies, Science. Service will be personalized after study level check

   Educational services from : Daegyo, (㈜대교)
   Application Period : Feb 15 2017 to Feb 24 2017
   Selection criteria :
   ● 1st priority to recipient of national basic livelihood guarantees
   ● 2nd priority to Lower income family(Lower under 50%)
   ● 3rd priority to single parents family or family with 3 more children
   ● 4th priority to general Multicultural family
    ※ New applicants who have priority will be selected first.

  Documents :
   ● Application
   ● Family relation certificate
   ● Certificate about low income(if relevant)

  Submission : In-house or Fax to Multicultural Family support center near your area.
   ● Dong-Gu T. +82-53-961-2203 F. +82-53-961-2204
   ● Seo-Gu T. +82-53-341-8312 F. +82-53-355-8044
   ● Nam-Gu T. +82-53-475-2324 F. +82-53-475-2346
   ● Buk-Gu T. +82-53-327-2994 F. +82-53-327-2995
   ● Suseong-Gu T. +82-53-764-4317 F. +82-53-795-4312
   ● Dalseo-Gu T. +82-53-580-6815 F. +82-53-580-6817
   ● Dalsung-Gun T. +82-53-282-4371 F. +82-53-282-4373
   ● For Jung-Gu, Please submit to Gu-Office(Division of Welfare Policy)
    or Dong-Community service center.
   ● Enquiry to Multicultural family support center or 
      Daegu City Women & Family policy bureau Tel.+82-53-803-6722

 ■ Result : on 28 February individually by text.

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