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2017 Daegu Announcement Project for Foreign Residents ‘Better Together'

 2017 Daegu Announcement Project for Foreign Residents 
‘Better Together'

Experience beautiful Daegu together.
Let’s go together to find the attractions of Daegu!

‘Better Together’ prepared a platform to provide foreign residents in Daegu with an opportunity to encounter diverse cultural experiences of Daegu, and help foreigners and Daegu citizens to better understand each other through promoting intimate cultural communication and improving multi-cultural awareness. With five sense experience-based tour program that provides variety of things to see, enjoy, eat, and play in Daegu, you can experience beautiful and happy Daegu through communicating with Daegu citizens.

 Overview of Better Together Program with Colorful Stories 

Date : 2017 March ~ October (Total 7 times)  /  Venue : Daegu City

- Schedule :
· 1st Program – March 25th - (Sat) 2017 Better Together, 4th Opening ceremony
· 2nd Program – April 15th - (Sat) Mabijeong Mural Painting Village & Samunjin Ferry Cruise Tour.
· 3rd Program – May 20th - (Sat) Visiting Bongsan Culture Street gallery & Daegu Confucian School Culture Experience
· 4th Program – June 17th - (Sat) Palgong-san Donghwa-sa Temple Stay (1night 2days) & visiting Korean Bronze ware Museum
· 5th Program – August 19th - (Sat) Daegu Ap-san night hiking
· 6th Program – September 16th - (Sat) Exciting musical instrument! Samulnori Class
· 7th Program – October 21st - (Sat) What I say about Daegu! Talk concert & Halloween Party


Better Together Opening Ceremony 
& Daebongdong Culture Village Tour

Date : March 25, 2017, Saturday 13:00 ~ 19:30
Venue : Art Factory Cheong Chun – Daebong-dong Kim Kwang Seok Memorial Street

As it is the first meeting of 2017, ‘Better Together’ will deliver the meaning and purpose of the project. After dividing the team for upcoming 7 sessions, the participants will have a time to get along with each other. In addition, participants will learn more about Korean culture through watching traditional music performances, tasting Korean traditional foods, and playing traditional games. The participants will also have an opportunity to experience Daegu’s street culture through Daebong-dong village tour, Daegu’s one of the main tour contents

Schedule :
Attendance check, head count, team division
Ice breaking
Program introduction and self introduction
Tea time
Refreshments (rice cake, jeon, tea confectioneries), traditional tea,
Greeting, memorizing team members names
Traditional music performance
Game Date
Matching raw materials of refreshments
Finding Gong-gi Master
Exciting board game! Enjoy yunnori!
Finish the Game
Announce the game results
Bangcheon Market
Visiting Bangcheon market gallery
Visiting Kim Kwang Seok Memorial Street
Finish & return home
Write comments about the experience (Questionnaire)
Descriptions of the following program

= Application Notice =

Eligibility : Foreigners living in Daegu, Daegu citizen
 Application Period : Permanent recruitment
 Qualification :
    1. Preferred if they have lived in Daegu within 7 months
    2. Must join in the program at least three times
    3. Can be separated according to the nation if participants of a certain country are too many
    4. English speaker

 How many : about 100 people
 How to apply : in person, e-mail (
                          attached the application form (download click here)

 Registration Address : B1 20-35 Daebong-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu
 Question : 053-424-5235 / 

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  1. I just sent in two applications. I just saw this today. I hope we are not too late!