Monday, March 27, 2017

Beautiful Daegu : Heart of the city along the Sincheon river, Animals you might see there - urban park, natural landmarks of Daegu, Korea

Sincheon River Wildlife in Urban area

Daegu may be one of Korea’s largest metropolitan cities, but hundreds of animal species can be found right in the heart of the city along the Sincheon River. This urban park is one of Daegu’s most beautiful natural landmarks and is home to a wide array of native and migrant birds, fish, and the Eurasian river otter.

As birds migrate from the North to the South for the winter, many end up making a temporary home along the Sincheon’s shallow, nutrient-rich, fish-filled stream.  While some of these birds can only be seen during the winter months, there are still plenty of native birds that inhabit the Sincheon River year-round. 

Many birds and ducks camouflage themselves while nesting in the grassy, reed-covered wetlands. Look up and under the bridges and you might catch glimpses of sparrows, flycatchers, brown-eared bulbuls, and Chinese grosbeaks. The kestrel is a type of falcon that can sometimes be seen as it swoops down the banks of the river in search of prey.

Some of the river’s most magnificent occupants are the grey heron and the Eastern great egret. They can be seen plucking fish out of the small waterfalls, stalking the tall reeds along the edge of the river, or gliding gracefully above the water.

Birds aren’t the only wildlife to call the Sincheon home. If you peer into the water, you may discover a diversity of freshwater fish such as carp, Korean gudgeon, goldfish, snakehead fish, Stone moroko, perch, catfish, and minnows. However, perhaps the most elusive of all creatures residing along the Sincheon River is the Eurasian river otter, an endangered species in South Korea. For the most part, the otters remain hidden from plain sight, so if you spot one, consider yourself lucky!

While some of the animals are not afraid of humans, help preserve this beautiful natural environment and its inhabitants by refraining from feeding, touching, or chasing the animals, and by taking care not to litter. 

The best way to keep wildlife, wild is  to view animals at a distance  or through the lens of a camera. Take a stroll along the Sincheon River and see which animals you can find!

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