Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Best Picnic areas near Spring in Daegu - Spring is springing at Dongchon Amusement Park

Best Picnic areas near Spring in Daegu

Spring is springing at Dongchon Amusement Park

This fountain wall looks cleaned up and ready to flow! Although, spring is trying to get out in full bloom, it is not quite there yet. My family and I had a mission to try some new food and we had a reservation for 6 o’clock not far from Dongchon Resort. My daughter Min Hee has never been there. So, we hopped the subway to Ayang Gyo subway station. We walked just two minutes to the bridge. We scoped out the route and then headed down to the river walking/jogging/biking path.

Right from the start, there were ducks all along the river. The day was cool but, the park seemed pretty busy. After about 15 minutes of slow walking and looking around we heard faint music getting a little louder as we neared the pedestrian bridge we could here Korean songs being sung and started to see people milling around the base of the bridge.

The crowd of about fifty people was watching a lady and her partner singing songs. The crowd was enjoying the songs and some were singing along. At first I thought this was some sort of impromptu set up. But, I noticed all the blue stools and the power cords going to the speakers and microphone set up.

My wife asked a few people and although most were visitors, one kind elderly man said it is a regular occurrence on weekends.

The large boat pictured above goes on a thirty minute river cruise. We didn’t have time to check it out, but you can hear the singing from an onboard karaoke machine!

Duck boats!!! There were dozens of duck boats out on the river. These are popular with people of all ages. There are more than just ducks. We saw shark boats and dragon boats as well.

As with most parks in the area there are all sorts of exercise machines there and are free to use. Quite often they are being used so, you may have to wait (not really).

After all the playing, exercising, or relaxing…. There is food. Fried chicken, duck, and many other foods are available from the dozens of restaurants there near the river. There are also romantic coffee shops for those that want some Joe or a dessert.

Finally, a special surprise as an added bonus for visiting the area is Yeungnam Jeilgwan. It is massive to say the least. Here is a link to another citizen reporter’s article on Yeungnam Jeilgwan.(Click)

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 ▶ Location : 72, Hyodong-ro 2-gil, Dong-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea

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