Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Contest : Show us your UCC over the Colorful song for Colorful Daegu Festival 2017, Korea

Colorful Daegu Festival 2017 UCC Contest 

Colorful Daegu Festival 2017 is approaching, 
So Daegu city has made another event for people to participate in and enjoy together. 

Name of Contest is 2017 Colorful Daegu Festival UCC Contest. 
It's easy to apply, Just submit your UCC Video, animation over the song “Colorful song” which is the theme song of Colorful Daegu Festival. And further more, there's big prize for good contents. 

Why don't you join?  
Anything is okay if your video has good match with Colorful song and appears mood of festival. 
Check below to get to know the details.

 ▲Colorful Daegu Festival 2017

 ▶ Application Period : February 27 (Mon) – March 31 (Fri) 18:00
 ▶ Standards :
  - Video by digital camera or smart phone. And also digital animation (flash, motion graphic).
  - Playing time should be 30 seconds – 2 minutes, 1920 x 1080 pixel.
  - Below 500 MB
  - Choose one type between AVI, WMV, MP4, MPEG / your video or animation must recorded with the Colorful Song.
  - Please reduce the volume of your contents to 100MB ~ 200MB when you submit to apply.
  ※ Once rewarded, submit original file.

How to apply
  Upload your contents on your YouTube account. Put the Title of contents as [컬러풀_UCC공모전]name of your contents.

 Upload your contents on your another SNS account (1 between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Add Youtube link, of your contents, name of your contents, hash tag(#컬러풀_UCC공모전).

  After you upload, contact to with application and your contents.
Name of Email should be : 컬러풀UCC_put your name here.

▲Colorful Daegu Festival 2017


 ▶ Valuation Basis :
  - Degree of completion: 40
  - Creativity : 30
  - Direction, planning ability : 30

 ▶ Prize (personnel / team) :
  - Grand prize (1) : 500,000 KRW
  - Excellence (2) : 300,000 KRW
  - Participation prize (3) : 200,000 KRW

 ▶ Phone : +82 (0)53-430-1265
 ▶ Fax : +82 (0)053-422-0995
 ▶ Web :
 ▶ Email :

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