Friday, March 10, 2017

Happy family time in Seomun Night Market Daegu, Korea - Food, Event, Performance, Munchies, Beverage and more.

Seomun Night Market Springs Back Into Action with Min Hee

On Friday, March 3rd, the crowds gathered at Seoumun Market for the springtime return of the Seomun Night Market. 
Hundreds of customers were in attendance to see their favorites return or to try out some new foods.

Dozens of food vendors rolled their carts out and immediately set up and began selling their food. It was almost too difficult to decide what to try.  Min Hee picked the first place! All of the vendors were happy and helpful.  The crowd was very orderly and people were in good spirits!

We do not want to promote any specific vendors here, but we tried about 7-8 different foods and we enjoyed all of them
The atmosphere was great.  There were young couples, families, small groups of friends, and older people.

Many of the food offerings were fusion of old and new but there were also the standard fare you might find in restaurants downtown.  There were at least two sets of non Korean vendors. So it was a sort of international event for an international crowd.

Min Hee kept giving her dad the thumbs up when she tried a different dish.  We will definitely be heading back to try some more foods. We were stuffed and never ate the same thing twice.

There were a few carts that were very busy and had long lines but the vendors seemed to be keeping up with the crowds.  
We never waited more than 10 or 15 minutes in any line. We were usually finishing off a dish while we waited.

Min Hee kept telling her parents that there were many people but that they all looked happy!

The night market operates in the evenings from 7 until midnight. The different foods were amazing and the crowds were happy!


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