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Living in Daegu : Trash management #1. - when, where and how to take the garbage out.

-Living in Daegu-
Trash management #1. Household waste, Food waste

When you start to live in different city, It’s always confused like when, where and how to take the garbage out. Litter is a serious issue worldwide so Daegu city has strict rule of trash management and recycling. Today, let’s check how to manage household waste and food waste.

Household Waste

  Purchase Standard plastic garbage bag : Designated shops including neighborhood shops
  Price of standard plastic garbage bag (per bag)


  Put garbage in a standard plastic garbage bag and Tie. And recyclable materials, food garbage and briquettes should be disposed separately.

  If you are living in
  - Apartment, please place the bag at gabage dump site
  - Multiplex and row houses, please place in front of the main gate on the ground floor.
  - Detached house, please place in front of your house the night before the collection day.

  Disposal day & Time: Sunday ~ Friday(Suseong-gu: every other day) / 20:00~02:00(of the following day)

And please note:
  Do not put out trash during daytime hours.
  A penalty will be imposed for failure to use a standard plastic garbage disposal bag or breach of disposal methods. CCTVs are installed on walls or on utility poles for 24 hours surveillance on illegal garbage disposal.

 Food Waste

  Remove foreign matter including vinyl, bottle caps and foil should be removed from the food waste. A designated bin or payment stickers are available at shops within your neighborhood so please contact the dong community center or an individual market for information.

  If you are living in
  - Apartment, a large food waste bin placed in a trash disposal site.
  - Detached house, please place food trash in a food waste bag with a payment sticker on it

  Food waste that can’t be recycled should be disposed of in a standard plastic garbage bag
  - Onion and garlic skins and roots such as green onions, nutshells, bones of cow, pig and chicken
  - Seafood shell, fish bones and various green tea leaves.
  - Non-compostable food scraps such as bones, eggshells, corn cobs and tea bags, must be discharged in standard bin liners.

  Disposal Time: 20:00~the following day 02:00 (Seo-gu: 20:00~24:00)

  Disposal day and area : Each gu office collects garbage on different days(Mon.Wed.Fri./Tue.Thur.Sun.). 
 Contact your gu-office or dong community center for further information, contact numbers below.
  - Jung-gu : 053-661-2712~8
  - Buk-gu 053-665-2584 / 665-2732
  - Dong-gu : 053-662-2712~3
  - Suseong-gu : 053-666-2711~4
  - Seo-gu : 053-663-2712~3
  - Dalseo-gu : 053-667-2711~6
  - Nam-gu : 053-664-2714~5
  - Dalseong-gun : 053-668-2712~5

This posting is based on Guide for Daegu Foreign Residents. 

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