Monday, March 20, 2017

Sports event in Daegu, Korea : WMACi Daegu 2017 #3. Opening Ceremony of WMACi Daegu 2017 - Greeting, performance, welcoming.

 What was happened at Opening ceremony of WMACi Daegu 2017? 

Yesterday, March 19 There was opening ceremony of WMACi Daegu 2017. Athletes from 60 different countries, citizens and Volunteers are all welcomed each others and has stared to enjoy this event. 

Let's take a look what was happened yesterday!

Marching band and Korean tradition percussion band were welcoming participants and celebrating this event by their way. 
Those sounds make people excited!

WMACi is literally focused on Indoor athletics so as you think the opening ceremony was held 
at Main stadium of Daegu athletics promotion center. 

Before the ceremony, there was Jin-do Minyo (Korean folk song) performance. 
This would be a traditional cultural experience of Korea to foreign attendees.   

Yes it is. Finally opening ceremony of WMACi Daegu 2017 was started!

Athletes were entering to stadium, holding their national flag. See those Big smiles on their face.

Taking oath from representative of athletes and referees. 

Celebrated performance of Gummy and Taekwondo
Especially Taekwondo was paid attention from many foreigners. 

WMACi Daegu 2017 is just started yesterday and Till March 25(Sat) lot of events are left.

At Daegu athletics promotion center, Daegu life sports center, Daegu Stadium Auxiliary Field and Suseong Family Park 
you can see or participate in. so don't hesitate to join!

● For your information 

 ※ Emergency Phone Number (Help Phone)
   -In Stadium
      Disaster and Safety, Crime Report : (Emergency Operations Room) +82-(0)53-790-4117 
      Emergency : (Situation Room) +82-(0)53-790-4116

    -Out of stadium
      Disaster and Safety, Emergency report : (119 Safety Report Center) 119
      Crime Report : (Police Agency Control Center) 112 ※ Attention to BBB Korea (18 Languages Translation support)


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