Thursday, March 23, 2017

Various events and performances of The 2017 World Masters Athletics Indoor Daegu

Various events and performances of 
The 2017 WMACi Daegu

The 2017 World Masters Athletics Indoor is currently being held in Daegu, the city of sports. 
We are already running towards the end of the tournament. 

Various events and performances for athletes and spectators are held daily outside the venue. 
Today, I will show you the scenery outside the stadium.

There will be various performances from 10 am to 4 pm in front of the Daegu Athletics Promotion Center 
where the competition is being held.

Dance dance to the upbeat music~! There will be a dance performance.
When there are no performances, you’ll have the chance to experience a traditional play in the same place.

There are booths for foreign players and visitors to enjoy on the right side of the performance hall.

In particular, the booths that allow you to try on Korean traditional costumes and to write your name in Hangul (Korean) are popular among others! 

Of course, you cannot resist not having some photos after trying on the traditional costumes, right? Take a photo in a beautifully designed photo zone to cherish this memory of World Masters Athletics Indoor Daegu! Doesn’t it look really good?


In another booth, you can engrave your name on a folding fan using calligraphy.
These players are wondering how to write their names in Korean.

Why don’t we head over to the opposite side?

The street food at the Gyo-dong Dokkaebi Night Market, Daegu Athletic Promotion Center! 
You can feel your mouth waters at the smell of delicious food. 

Fish cake that you can only taste in Korea, as well as chicken skewers and fusion food such as stir-fried udon are available here~ 
The Gyo-dong Dokkaebi Night Market is open from 10 am to 5 pm during the competition period :)

The flea market where Daegu citizens directly participate! 
You can see and buy various handmade products, and there are a lot of traditional items 
such as dolls wearing hanbok (Korean traditional clothing) and so on. 

These products capture the interest of foreign players!


Also, there is a new and exciting nongak (traditional Korean music performed by farmers) performance every day from 3:30 pm. 
Excitedly move about to the sounds of janggu (double-headed drum with a narrow waist at the middle) and kkwaenggwari (gong).
 You should take a souvenir photo after enjoying folk music in Korea, right?

The 2017 Daegu World Masters Indoor Track and Field Tournament will continue until this Saturday, 25th. 
Please do visit, cheer and applaud the players, and enjoy various events! :)

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