Monday, April 24, 2017

Announcement : 2017 Daegu SNS Citizen Press , The result is finally out!

Members of 2017 Daegu SNS Citizen Press

Thank you for your application and interest in 2017 Daegu SNS Citizen Press. 

It was a great honor for us to receive many applicants from yours,
We’ve read every application a few times carefully.

We are glad that there are so many people who love Daegu City and Daegu City SNS,
On the other hand, We were not able to meet everyone that who applied.

If you did not join this year, There will be time for you to come together in various opportunities such as exciting festivals and various events of Daegu city.

Daegu City SNS is always open to you.
Please let us know if you have any suggestion,  things to report or beautiful photo of this city Through KakaoTalk Plus Friends , Facebook , Blog 

Thanks again for all those who applied.
So Here is the list of 13 successful candidates as a Members of 2017 Daegu citizen press.

Congratulations to 13 members of 2017  Daegu SNS Citizen Press who will be part of Daegu’s SNS!

∨ Last four digits of your mobile numbers are indicated in the list to distinguish person with the same name. 
∨ We will delete the personal information you sent us when you apply.
∨ As always Please keep supporting SNS of Daegu city.

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