Friday, April 28, 2017

Beautifu Daegu : Romantic suset on the top of Apsan Daegu, Korea - apsan observatory, apsan cable car.

A Romantic Sunset on the top of Apsan

Did you know that one of Daegu’s most popular spots is also one of its most romanticHead to the top of the mountain as the sun sets over the city, and watch as Apsan’s mountaintop observatory transforms into one of the most breathtaking – and romantic – places in Daegu.

There are several ways to reach the top of Apsan: you can hike to the top, take the cable car, or a combination of both. One-way tickets can be purchased if you choose to hike to the top and take the cable car back down or vice versa. 

The best time to take photos is during the “golden hour,” which occurs about an hour before the actual sunset. If you plan on riding the cable cars to the top, make sure to consult the daily sunset times and board at least 30 minutes prior so that you have enough time to ride the cable car and hike to the observation point.

The ride to the top of Apsan only takes less than ten minutes and will provide your first glimpses of the city below. Once you disembark from the cable car, veer to your right, and just before taking the steps down to the trail, stop on the platform and take in the view. Follow the steps down the trail to reach the observation point, which is less than 500m away.  

Even though Apsan observatory is one of Daegu’s most popular tourist attractions, you can easily find a spot away from the crowds to call your own. As you make your way to the observation deck, you’ll notice several small paths to the left of the trail. Some of these paths lead to benches built for two and others lead to perfect vista spots to lay down a picnic blanket. 

No matter how you reach the top of Apsan, or where you choose to watch the sunset, the views from the top are equally magnificent! 

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