Saturday, April 29, 2017

Beautiful Daegu : 5 Reasons why you shold visit the Daegu Art Factory - for your weekend to get inspired in Daegu, Korea

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Daegu Art Factory

Love art? Want to support and be a part of the local art community? Then you’ll love Daegu Art Factory! Here are five reasons why you should visit the Daegu Art Factory:

Historic Architecture
Located in a former tobacco factory, this beautifully remodeled building is an architecture lover’s dream. From floor-to-ceiling windows, to exposed pipes, this factory-turned-gallery is full of light, personality, and charming historic details. 

A Cozy Art Cafe
Underneath the main staircase, on the first floor of the Art Factory, you’ll find a bright and airy café that will make you want to spend an entire afternoon lounging and drinking coffee. This quiet, art-themed coffee shop is worth a visit on its own, but given its location in an art gallery, you can drink coffee and experience art at the same time.

Browse a Collection of Art Books
Make your way up to the second level to check out the Man Gwon Dang, Book Lounge. Here you’ll find shelf after shelf lined with books on art, and plenty of comfy chairs in which to read them. Most of the books are in Korean, but being that they are art books, non-Korean speakers can still cozy up with a good book and browse through its photos.

Get Inspired!                                                  
One of the best things about the Daegu Art Factory is that it’s not just an exhibition space. The Art Factory holds workshops, seminars, performances, and even artisan markets! On the third floor you’ll find a space where kids can play, an information center, and a theater. Check out the calendar of events and get inspired by one of the many ongoing art programs and activities.

Support the Local Art Scene
It should come as no surprise that the number one reason to visit Daegu Art Factory is because of the amazing art and artist community you’ll find there. One of the Art Factory’s main goals is to foster a creative and cultural space that benefits both rising artists and art programs in the city. In addition to the rotating exhibits, the Art Factory operates various artist residency programs that include open studios where you can meet and talk to artists in residence. 
Need yet another reason to visit the Daegu Art Factory? Admission is Free!

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