Thursday, April 20, 2017

Better together : Mabijeong Mural Village with Daegu Better together

Mabijeong Mural Village with Better together 

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, Min Hee joined the group Better together at the Daegu Art Factory. Two buses of people headed out to explore some of what Daegu has to offer. In the afternoon they went to Mabijeong Mural Village. It is a beautiful village in the south western part of Daegu. The village is filled with old homes, history, kind residents and quite a few lively murals. There are several trees that are well over 250 years old.

On this day, the parking lot was filled and as we gathered together there were many smiling faces from so many places in the world. It was a beautiful sight to see. Everyone was eager to see what the village had in store for us today.

At the first small intersection there is a table with pens and strips of paper. Here you can write a wish, then wrap the paper or fold it and tuck it into the wall. Oh, the wishes can be written in any language. The group surrounding Min Hee was a very diverse group!

We were in for a special treat. The group was taught how to make tofu from beans to tasting. Several members were asked to grind the bean sprout heads and water, to get things going. It was great to see the grinding stones and how they worked.

After the whole process was explained in English by one of the group leaders and several members had taken a turn at turning the grinding stones, the village staff quickly put out dishes of tofu for all the guests to try. This was not tofu that we made though, as the actual process is hard and time consuming work.

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