Monday, April 17, 2017

Life in Daegu : Seomun Night Market Food Judging - for new vendors of Seomun night market.

Seomun Night Market Food Judging

In order to keep thing fair with choosing food vendors for the Seomun Night Market offerings, members of the community were asked to help city and market officials in choosing what foods to add to the list in the future.  I was given a suggestion to sign up and take part.  It was an amazing behind-the –scenes look at how the community can be part of the decision making process.  We gathered together and were briefed on the procedures.  One of the most important things to remember…… DO NOT EAT TOO MUCH!

After the briefing we left the tables and the staff quickly converted the desks to tasting tables for 30 different foods in the first round.  Yep!  There were 60 different foods to be tasted.  Well, we had to try 15 at a minimum!  What a task!  Wow!  The colors and smells were amazing.

These were edible treats that looked like real flowers and plants.  I took a lot of pictures this day, but, we can only display a few photos.  So to the vendors who I was unable to post photos of your dishes I apologize.

After we were allowed to take photos, we wound around the room trying foods.  The initial briefer said something that was quite funny.  He was trying to describe what we would be seeing.  He said “new foods”, then backtracked and said “Fusion” foods, then, he backtracked and said “Just try the different food, but not too much!”  After the first round of thirty foods, we waited in the hallway for staff to clean up the room and for the next group of thirty foods to be judged.

Again there were beautiful displays of dishes.  Everything from traditional street foods with a little twist, to make them something special, to more exotic dishes was on display.  It really was not easy to choose.  I tried to pick a wide variety of foods I thought would be popular.

It was nice to be offered an opportunity to have a say in what will be offered in the future.  I really hope that the vendors are happy with what they did for our taste testing. They should all be proud of their hard work.  It was a great turn out and let’s hope we see some of these vendors when the new menus are looked and the votes are counted.  I look forward to having some of the new dishes with my family at Daegu’s very own Seomun Market Night Market!

Disclaimer: The foods pictured here are random dishes I took photos of and not necessarily foods I tasted or voted on.  Nor is this post suggesting these foods are or should be on the list of new items to be offered.

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