Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Festival : 2017 Dalgubeol Marrymaking at the Daegu Lantern Festival in Duryu Park

Merrymaking at the Daegu
Lantern Festival in Duryu Park!

This was our first visit so we were not sure what to expect. We did not want to be in the stadium so we settled for some space next to the sidewalk above the stadium. We just relaxed and watched the stadium fill up and more people coming into the park!

While there were music and shows on the main stage people were putting their lanterns together and enjoying picnics before the pace of people arriving and shows on stage picked up.

As the ceremony proceeded and the sun set a lovely quiet rolled over the crowd as the first lantern came up from the stadium floor.  At first, it was “Oohs.” and “Ahhs.” coming from the crowd.

Then there were more lanterns coming into view.  We could feel the excitement growing with every lantern we saw take to the skies. It was slow at first. But then we saw more and more! Then we saw more take flight as the crowd began to get more and more excited.  It really was a sight to see. I repositioned to get a different angle and I realized the crowd behind us was moving this way and that.  It was difficult to get a good photo.

Finally the sky was filled with floating lanterns!  It really was beautiful to see.  We will be back next year to take part in this huge and wonderful festival!

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