Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Festival : 2017 Dalgubeol Merrymaking at the Lantern Festival in Daegu, Korea - Sky lantern flying, Dalgubeol lantern parade, Hanji lantern floating, Daegu lantern festival.

Dalgubeol Merrymaking at the Lantern Festival 

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This year also Dalgubeol Lantern Festival will be held to celebrate Buddha’s birthday. The custom can be traced back to the Unified Silla period and has became widespread from the Goryeo dynasty. Check the schedule of the Sky lantern flying, Dalgubeol lantern parade and Hanji(Korean paper) lantern floating on below, and Here’s recommendation : Please use the public transportation near your place, traffic jams are expected!

Sky Lantern Flying

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  Date : April 22(Sat) 19:00 ~ 21:00

  Venue : Duryu baseball park(in Duryu park)
 Tip : If you want to see the whole view, How about to be around 83 Tower?

 *Registration of lantern flying is closed.
 *But the day 13:00~16:00 free entrance ticket of 6,000 seats will be available first come, first served basis. Only for the Yellow zone + Blue zone in Duryu baseball park.
 *Entrance to Duryu baseball park should be finished by 17:00

Dalgubeol Lantern Parade

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 Date : April 22(Sat) 18:00
  Parade route : (Dalgubeol-daero) Duryu baseball park – Banwoldang junction

Hanji(Korean paper) Lantern Floating

  Date : April 27(Thu) – April 30(Sun) 11:00~21:00
  Venue : Area of Sincheon river(Sangdong bridge – Heemang bridge)

For further details, Please click here (Korean)


  1. Hello! I hope you can help me. My family and I are from the Philippines and we are traveling to Daegu to watch Sky Lanterns. The gwandeung website is in Korean and we can't understand it. We were looking for instructions on how to get the free tickets to watch the sky lanterns. You said here that it will be given out forst come first served basis from 13:00-16:00. Where exactly can we get it? We still want to tour the city using the circular tour bus before the festival so we really want to secure or avail our festival tickets first.

    1. Hi sorry for replying instead but if you're planning to get the free tickets for yellow/ blue zone it's best if you go there early in the morning and not 1pm to line up. It's expected that many people will be in line to get those tickets so if you're planning to take a tour of the city before the festival, you might not be able to get those tickets. If you check the fb page of the festival, people are saying that they will pack lunch and line up early in the morning.

  2. Hello there! The website won't load for me and I had a few questions. If you don't get tickets into the yellow or green zone wold you still be able to see the laterns from outside the stadium? What would be a good time to arrive for tickets, and where will they be giving the tickets out? Coming down to see this event because it looks beautiful ♡

    1. Hi! I think you can see the lanterns outside. Try going up to the highest building you can find and it does says up there that 83 tower can show a nice view. Tickets will be given in the plaza parking lot and I think it's best if you go there in the morning but not like dawn because that's too tiring. You can try checking out this site It also has information on how you can go there. hope this helps