Friday, April 21, 2017

Festival : Traffic control during 2017 Dalgubeol Merrymaking at the Lantern Festival

Dalgubeol Merrymaking at the Lantern Festival 
- Traffic Control

 ▶ Date : April 22(Sat) 18:00~
 ▶ Venue : Duryu baseball park(Sky lantern flying)  / Duryu baseball park ~ Duryu junction ~  Banwoldang junction (Lantern parade)
 ▶ Entrance : Please take your ticket from 13:00 to 16:00 at Gwangjang parking lot of Duryu park.
* Please come earlier to avoid congestion, Entrance to Duryu baseball park should be finished by 17:00 

Traffic control - Sky lantern flying, Lantern parade

 ▶T-junction at Entry of Duryu park ~ Gwangjang parking lot T-junction : April 20(Thu) Traffic control from 09:00

 Entry of Duryu Tennis court : Traffic control from April 20(Thu) 09:00 to April 22(Sat) 15:00. Pass is required to enter.

 ▶Duryu playground intersection : Traffic control from April 22(Sat) 07:00 to 13:00. Pass is required to enter.

 ▶Duryu baseball park West gate(main entrance) : April 22(Sat) 01:00 to 13:00. Pass is required to enter.

 ▶Duryu baseball park East gate : Completely shut down 

 Lantern parade traffic control 

 ▶Date : April 22(Sat) 18:00~23:00

 ▶ Junction in front of E-world/opposite side of Sinheung elementary school/Building of Kyobo Life Insurance~ Hyundai Marine and Insurance/Hyundai Marine and Fire Insurance ~ Naedang station

 ▶ Naedang station Junction/before Naedang church/Intersection between Bangogae junction~
Joongbu fire station.

 ▶ Entrance of Namsan Humansia/Between Namsan Humansia and Sinnam junction/Sinnam junction/ opposite side of Wonmansa temple, Between Sinnam junction and Seohyung church

 ▶ Near Seohyun church/Gyesan 5-way intersection/(former)the red cross hospital

 Parking lot near Duryu

 ▶ Free parking lot near Seongdangmot Station and Commercial lot in E-world 
  ※Areas of Duryu park and Duryu baseball park will be crowded, Kindly use Public transit.

 Public transit

 ▶ Daegu Metro : ① Daegu metro line 2, Duryu station, Exit 13,14.  ② 15 minutes on foot.
     On Aril 22, Daegu metro line 2(Duryu station) will shorten the intervals to 6 minutes(usually 8 min)

 ▶ Bus : 503, 623, Belt line(순환) 3, Belt line(순환) 3-1
     503, 623, Belt line(순환) 3-1 : Alight at Duryu library, then 8 minutes on foot.
     Belt line(순환) 3 :  Alight at National Health Insurance Corporation, then 13 minutes on foot.
     653 : Alight at opposite side of Duryu 3-dong police substation, then 11 minutes on foot.

 Duryu baseball park
 Address : Duryu-dong 560, Dalseo-gu, Daegu. 대구광역시 달서구 두류동 560

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