Monday, April 3, 2017

Living in Daegu : Trash management #2. - About recyclable materials, large waste, free pick-up of electronic goods, waste batteries.

-Living in Daegu-
Trash management #2. Recyclable Materials, Large waste

Series of Trash management has returned, This week let's check how to manage the Recyclable materials, Large waste, End-of-life consumer electronic goods, Waste batteries and Fluorescent lights.

■ Recyclable Materials

 Place in a transparent plastic bag by type, seperate from general trash and place the bag in front of your house(or business)
  - Tie with a band : Paper(cardboard), cardboard boxes, newspaper, styrofoam
  - Put in a mesh bag : Bottle, can, plastic

  Disposal Time : 20:00 ~ the following day 02:00(except Saturday)

  Disposal day and area : Each gu office collects materials on different days
 Contact your gu-office or dong community center for further information, contact numbers below.
  - Jung-gu 053-661-2712~8
  - Buk-gu 053-665-2584 / 665-2732
  - Dong-gu : 053-662-2712~3
  - Suseong-gu : 053-666-2711~4
  - Seo-gu : 053-663-2712~3
  - Dalseo-gu : 053-667-2711~6
  - Nam-gu : 053-664-2714~5
  - Dalseong-gun : 053-668-2712~5

■ Large Waste

 ▶ The district office collects recyclable materials such as small, medium and large deserted home appliances(e.g.washing machine) at no cost.

 ▶  Report to the gu-office or an agency several days before disposal.

 ▶  The agency will visit the site and charge a fee or, pay the fee first and will visit the site for collection. Contact numbers below.
  - Jung-gu 053-423-5555
  - Buk-gu 053-954-8853
  - Dong-gu : 053-985-3830
  - Suseong-gu : Please contact to your dong-community service center.
  - Seo-gu : 053-555-2459
  - Dalseo-gu : 053-667-8787
  - Nam-gu : 053-626-2288
  - Dalseong-gun : 053-592-4747

■ Free Pick-up of Used End-of-life Consumer Electronic Goods

  Refrigerators, air-conditioner, washing machines, TVs(29") and 1m or larger end-of-life goods

  The product is collectible in its original status

  Apply for free collection at the website(, call center(1599-0903) or through Kakao talk(ID:weec)

■ Discharge of Waste Batteries and Fluorescent Lights

▲ From the left, Used battery bin, Used battery and Fluoresent lamp disposal box, Small disposal can. 

  Dispose of waste batteries and fluorescent light at the designated boxes placed in dong community centers, schools or apartment disposal sites.

This posting is based on Guide for Daegu Foreign Residents. 

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