Friday, May 19, 2017

Daegu May Festival :: Dalseong 2017 RED Festival - Tomato Festival in Korea, Find the Gold Ring at the Tomato Festival

The Tomato Festival in Daegu

that you can enjoy!

If there’s a tomato festival in Spain, there’s a Dalseong tomato festival in Daegu!
The 2017 Dalseong RED Festival is celebrating its 3rd anniversary.
It will be held at the physical facility site next to the Daegu National Science Museum for two days from Saturday (20th) up to Sunday (21st of May).

For this year, we are planning to use 80 tons of tomatoes! Are you ready to have fun?

Admission tickets will cost 6,000 KRW for adults and 5,000 KRW for children,
but you may get 1,000 KRW off if you get your tickets at Ticket Link.
Once you enter, we will give you 1 best tomato product and 2,000 KRW worth of gift certificate,
so the actual ticket price is estimated to be about 1,000-2,000 KRW only.

The main program of the Dalseong Tomato Festival is ‘Find the Gold Ring.’
A gold ring that weighs 80 don (about 3.75 grams) is waiting for you visitors!
Please note that children and seniors cannot participate in this program due to safety issues.

If you want to make special memoris with your family, friends, or lovers,
let’s meet at the 2017 Dalseong Tomato Festival~!

* The tomatoes used in the festival are tomatoes with low commercial value, and they will be used as compost after the festival.

Details for the Dalseong Tomato Festival

▲ Map provided: E-Map

Period : May 20, 2017 (Sat) – May 21, 2017 (Sun)
Address : 20, 6 Technodae-ro Street, Yuga-myeong, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, South Korea
Public Transportation : Express Train #4, Dalseong #8 (Get off at the stop in Daegu National Science Museum then walk for 1 min)
Venue : Cultural and Physical Facilities next to the Daegu National Science Museum
Fee : Admission ticket price 6,000 KRW for adults / 5,000 KRW for children
(Upon purchasing tickets, we will give you 1 tomato and a gift certificate worth 2,000 KRW)
Find the Gold Ring: 3,000 KRW

Criteria for applying child fee : Not more than 36 months old

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Festival :: Let’s enjoy the 2017 Colorful Daegu Festival!

Let’s enjoy the

2017 Colorful Daegu Festival!

The Daegu May Festival is an event wherein you can properly experience a colorful Daegu!

The 2017 Colorful Daegu Festival will be held for 2 days from May 27 (Sat) to May 28 (Sun) in the whole area of Gukchaebosang-ro

A stage where anyone—ladies, gentlemen, the elderly, and the youth—can see, hear, and enjoy!
On the last weekend of May, we invite you to the Colorful Daegu Festival.

 Schedule : May 27, 2017 (Sat) – May 28, 2017 (Sun)
 Venue : Whole of Gukchaebosang-ro (Seoseung Intersection – Jonggak Intersection)
 Theme : Modira (Gather around)~ Colorful! Makada (Everyone)~ Parade!
 Color : Red

Main Program :: Colorful Parade

▲ Parade Photo -2016 Colorful Parade, Photo: Colorful Daegu Festival Homepage

Glamorous and colorful parade in Daegu’s city center!
The highlight of the Colorful Daegu Festival! The Colorful Parade will also take place in 2017.
Expect an even more glamorous parade than before. XD

▶ Date and time: May 27, 2017 (Saturday) 6:30pm to 10:00pm
▶ Venue: Whole of Gukchaebosang-ro (Seoseung Intersection – Jonggak Intersection)
▶ Slogan: Modira (Gather around)~ Colorful! Makada (Everyone)~ Parade!
▶ Theme Color: Red

Program # 2. City center, masquerade

Reference Photo (Photo: Colorful Daegu Festival Homepage)

The opening stage of the 2017 Colorful Daegu Festival that are made by the citizens themselves!
This is the citizens’ masquerade performance in the city center.  

We are still accepting pre-registration for residents who wish to dance in the city center masquerade. We are accepting applications until May 16 (Tuesday).

* You can still apply on-site after the pre-registration period but there may be a limit on the number of participants.

 Pre-registration : May 16, 2017 (Tues) Colorful Daegu Festival Homepage (Click)
▶ Date and time : Saturday, May 27, 2017 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
▶ Venue : Joong-ang intersection to Gongpyeong intersection (place is subject to change according to the situation that will take place on site)

Program # 3. Street Arts Festival

▲ 2017 Colorful Daegu Festival Performing Area Information (Map provided: E-Map)

The area of Gukchaebosang-ro will be filled with various performances.

▲Reference Photo (Photo: Colorful Daegu Festival Homepage)

Performance content
D zone / D street
(In front of Kyobo Book Center)
· Space consisting of traditional dances and performances from all over the world
· 2016 Samba Carnival of Japan, Chengdu City Circus Troupe of China, Pieria of Russia, etc. Performances of 13 teams
A Zone / A Street
(In front of Feb 28 Jungang Memorial Park)
· Space showing Daegu’s performing arts
· Keimyung College University’s musical performance team, MAC theater, CM Korea etc.
A stage where 11 teams will perform
E Zone / E Street
(In front of Gongpyeong Intersection)
· Pole Dance, Martial Arts Performance, Juggling, etc.
Space consisting of various play performances
· 2016 Keimyung College University’s Taekwondo Demonstration Team, International Pole Dance Association, etc. Performance of 7 teams
G Zone / G Street
(In front of Wooridul Hospital)
· Performances that stimulate the curiosity of citizens through magic shows, mime, performances, etc.
U zone / U street
(In front of Jonggak intersection)
· Street to show your unique personality
· A fantastic stage production performed by civic artists with their rhythm and melody in a complex city center
C.P. Zone / C.P.Street
(Seosung Intersection – Joongang-ro Intersection
· A street for children to enjoy current games
· A street where anyone (men, women, elderly, children) can play, sweat, and smile together, and be united
Sangsang(Imagination) Street Chalk Art
(Seosung intersection -  Jonggak intersection)
· Instead of cars on vast roads and rigid road traffic laws, allow the imagination of citizens to work and let them enjoy and fill the streets with free-flowing graffiti with a chalk in their hand.

▲Reference Photo (Photo: Colorful Daegu Festival Homepage)

[Hot Stage] Rock & B-boy performance
▶ Schedule: May 27, 2017 (Sat) Rock Hot Stage 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm /
                    Stage at the Feb 28 Jungang Memorial Park
Schedule: May 28, 2017 (Sun) B-Boy Stage 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm /
                   Stage at the Feb 28 Jungang Memorial Park

[Citizen Hope Concert (100-Person Stage)]
▶ Schedule: May 28, 2017 (Sun) from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm / Gongpyeong Intersection
▶ This is a large performance in which performers and citizens communicate with each other through art genres (voice, dance, percussion, etc.) with over 100 citizens participating

▲Reference Photo (Photo: Colorful Daegu Festival Homepage)

[Urban Mess Club Party]
▶ Schedule: May 27, 2017 (Sat) 10:00 pm - 11:00 pm
                    May 28, 2017 (Sun) 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm
▶ A club party that consists of a cross-shaped party hall in the midst of Gongpyeong Intersection

Program # 4. Colorful Art Market

▲Reference Photo (Photo: Colorful Daegu Festival Homepage)

The Colorful Art Market of Colorful Daegu Festival that is full of handmade products and a lot of things to enjoy!
See unique items that you can’t see anywhere else with your family, lover, or friends.

▶ Date and time: May 27, 2017 (Sat) – May 28, 2017 (Sun), 1 pm - 9 pm
▶ Venue: Gukchaebosang Memorial Park

■ How to go to the 2017 Colorful Daegu Festival

▲ Map provided: E-Map

▶ Transportation: Using Line 1 on the subway, get off at Jungangno Station, then walk for approximately 5 minutes.

Monday, May 15, 2017

All about the Transportation in Daegu : #4. Intercity Bus - How can we take the intercity bus, express bus in Daegu, Korea?

-Living in Daegu-
How to use transportation 
#4. Intercity Bus

How can we take the intercity bus, express bus in Daegu?

This was prepared for people planning an intercity trip on weekends to better enjoy Korea full of things to see and things to do. How to take the intercity bus and express bus in Daegu!

We will introduce Daegu’s representative intercity bus, express bus terminal Dongdaegu Terminal, West terminal.

#1. Daegu Dongdaegu Terminal(Complex Transfer Center)

Dongdaegu station Complex Transfer Center!
You can conveniently use 6 kinds of transportation including intercity bus, express bus, train, city railway, etc.

After getting off at Dongdaegu station of line 1, Daegu city rail, proceed to exit 2. You can see Shinsege department store entrance and the way to Dongdaegu Terminal. To get to Dongdaegu terminal, take the moving walk and go up one floor by using the escalator.

Or you can exit through exit 3 of Dongdaegu station of line 1, Daegu city rail, and enter using the back gate of the Complex Transfer Center.


In the complex transfer center, 2 Daegu intercity bus and 4 express bus terminals are operational.

You can buy express/intercity bus tickets on the third floor.

You can use the 3rd floor for express/ intercity buses that use gates 1~17,
And you can use the 4th floor for express/intercity buses that use gates 18~36.

You will come back to the first floor, so keep in mind that getting off is at the ground floor, and getting in is on the 3rd and 4th floors.

You can use the ticketing counter if you have reserved or want to purchase an intercity ticket but you can also easily buy a ticket at the ticket machine for intercity.

However, people who reserved an express bus can get the ticket at the ticketing counter.

■Dongdaegu Terminal 3/4th floor destination

3rd floor
Numbers 1~
Incheon Airport, Gimhae Airport, Seoul Gyeongbu, Dong Seoul, Seongnam, Incheon, Euijeongbu
Numbers 10~17
Ansan, Bucheon, Goyang, Suwon, Youngin, Pyoungtaek, Cheonan, Seosan, Daejeon, Cheongju, Gwangju, Jeonju, Suncheon, Mokpo
4th floor
Numbers 18~28
Andong, Youngju, Gumi, Youngdeok, Pohang, Youngcheon, Hayang, Gyeongju(Intercity), Ulsan (intercity), Gyeongsan, Cheongdo
Numbers 29~36
Jecheon, Chuncheon, Heundae, Busan (Express), Ulsan (Express), Gyeongju (Express), Masan, Jinju, Geoje

■How to get to Dongdaegu station Complex transfer center
Address: 149 Dongbu-ro Donggu, Daegu

#2. Daegu Seobu/Bukbu/Seodaegu Bus terminal

Daegu Seobu intercity bus terminal located at Namgu, Daegu city.
You can also use intercity buses here, which is called Seobu terminal.

You can purchase the ticket to your destination at the ticketing counter,
and you can also buy the ticket through unmanned ticket machines.

■How to get to Seobu Terminal
Address : Seobu Intercity bus terminal 496 Wolbe-ro Namgu, Daegu

You will arrive at Seobu terminal, if you come up using exit 3 of Seongdangmot station of line 1, Daegu City rail.

■How to get to Bukbu Intercity terminal
Address : 295 Seodaero-gu Seogu, Daegu Metropolitan City
Transportation: 234, 356, 309, Bukgu1, Seongseo3

■How to get to Seodaegu Express bus terminal
Address : 103 Paldal-ro Bukgu, Daegu Metropolitan City
Transportation: 234, 356, 309, Bukgu1, Seongseo3

Conveniently use Daegu intercity bus, express bus terminal and enjoy your trip!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Event : Opening ceremony for 2017 Daegu SNS Citizen Press

Opening & Welcoming Ceremony
2017 Daegu SNS Citizen Press

We had a great event yesterday, Opening ceremony for 2017 Daegu SNS Citizen Press!
This year we have 44 members for Korean, 13 for English and 14 for Chinese. Here’s the live log of yesterday, day with a lot of fun and smiles!

The ceremony was held at the City hall.

All members and especially foreign member are came and finished registration earlier(proud).

The first thing we prepared was the photo wall! Each member held the hand picket enjoyed taking pictures. 

Yesterday was the first day as a member of Citizen Press, Everybody was passionately taking pictures and videos. And Did you catch already? The T-shirts! ‘내♡대구’ is a sort of Daegu dialect - ‘I Love Daegu’. It really fits to press members, all of them applied and selected because they love Daegu!

Had some snacks and attached post-it to ask Mayor of Daegu.

Before the opening ceremony, Ice breaking time! Exchanging name cards, Winning giveaways… Okay the ice cracked. No need to be shy.

Finally opening & welcoming ceremony started. First of all Outstanding members of 2016 received achievement award. And the next thing to do was taking an oathLook at their face, they are seriously swearing in. Somehow it was impressive. Read their will on the faces.

After that every members received letter of appointment one by one.

This was the most interesting program of the day - Body language game with the Mayor! I can say members who were participated in this game are all smart and a good actors. How could they make the correct answers through 6 people? It was amazing and they are all cooperative

Last program, The mayor answered post-it questions.

2017Daegu SNS Citizen Press will go and cover festivals, restaurants and events of Daegu. We will update these contents on the official SNS channels of Daegu City.

Please give a warm hug to all the members, look forward to their news!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Long weekend, holidays, Golden week in May 2017 - 3 Spots to visit for your gourmet holidays in Daegu, Korea

Golden week in May, Recommendation
- What to eat

It’s already on mid of the Golden week in May. Before it ends We need to find some place to eat local food in Daegu! As you know Daegu has theme like “10 tastes of Daegu”, this city has nice cuisines and distinct menu to satisfy gourmets taste. 

So today here we introduce 3 different Daegu Food streets.
Get discount if you use coupon during spring travel weeks(~May 14. Sun)!

Daegu Food Street #1. Anjirang Gopchang Town

In this street you can try two of the “10 tastes of Daegu” - Gopchang(pork tripe) and Makchang(pork entrails) at the same time.  When the sun goes down, This street is filled with lot of people who want to try chitterlings, pork tripe. 

The street is located just in front of the Anjirang Station so it’s easy to get there. 

Grilled chitterlings are chewy and have the taste of fire.
How about to try this in Golden week? 

Address : Daemyeong-ro 36-gil, Daemyeong 9 - dong, Nam-gu, Daegu
How to get there : Daegu metro line 1, Anjirang station Exit 3

Daegu Food Street #2. Pyeonghwa market Dakttongjip (chicken gizzard) Street

Daegu has specialty of this food, Dishes of Dakttongjip(chicken gizzard)! You don’t need to worry if you like Korean fried chicken.

Let’s go for “half and half” to try Crisply fried Dakttongjip with soy source, Korean style yangnyeom or just fried.
If you like something chewy, this will be the best choice for your holidays

Address : 597-1 Sinam-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu
How to get there : Bus 980, Rapid 1, 808(to Daegu university). Alight at Pyeonghwa market and 5 minutes on foot.

Daegu Food Street #3. Bangogae Muchim Hoe Street

Last one is spicy and sour, Muchim Hoe in Bangogae Muchim Hoe street!

Muchim Hoe is one of the “10 tastes of Daegu”. As you know Daegu is located in deep inside of peninsular so in the old days people was hard to eat fresh raw fish or clams. Instead of that, People in Daegu just used to boil squid, inland turban shells kind of things and mix them with hot pepper power.

And there’s tip!
Wrap the muchim hoe with Napjak Mandu(flat dumpling)
Hope you explore those spots during golden week!

Address : Naedang-dong, Seo-gu, Daegu
How to get there: Daegu metro line 2, Bangogae station exit 1, 10 minutes on foot.

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