Tuesday, May 30, 2017

2017 Colorful Daegu Festival :: Colorful Food Trucks at the Colorful Festival!

Colorful Food Trucks
at the Colorful Festival!

A lot of people were talking about the newest addition to the Colorful Festival this year, FOOD TRUCKS!

They are becoming more and more popular at local festivals.  I like them because I can visit several and my family is not tied to a set menu.  We can mix it up and try more foods.  There were Churos, hot dogs, Mexican food, steak, makchang, sweets, ice cream, coffees, juice bars, duk bokki, and much, much more

It was really great to see people choosing what snacks they were going to enjoy.  The big festivals have sometimes had limited food options available at the venue.  This opportunity allowed us to stay closer to the action.

Most, if not all of the trucks are local Daegu area businesses. It is good to see money going back into the economy and the food really was great.  A huge selection of menu options was right there for us to decide.  My family enjoyed food from no less than ten trucks over the two days we visited the Colorful Festival

There were tables and chairs set up for people to enjoy their food and this reminded me of festivals in Europe.  People were sharing the tables and I even saw two families sharing their foods.  It was a nery nice experience and everyone seemed happy the food trucks were there and offering so many options to choose from.

In the afternoon on both days the crowds really picked up. It was good that there were so many truck on site offering all sorts of foods. There were some lines at more popular trucks, but, it seemed that the staff members on the trucks were dealing well with the number of orders and most lines were never more than a few people.  I definitely enjoyed the foods and the overall atmosphere!  Thank you to the event staff who decided to add this aspect to the Colorful Festival!

DISCLAIMER: Daegu City does not support any of the trucks or vendors shown.  The photos are randomly selected.

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