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All about the Transportation in Daegu : #4. Intercity Bus - How can we take the intercity bus, express bus in Daegu, Korea?

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How to use transportation 
#4. Intercity Bus

How can we take the intercity bus, express bus in Daegu?

This was prepared for people planning an intercity trip on weekends to better enjoy Korea full of things to see and things to do. How to take the intercity bus and express bus in Daegu!

We will introduce Daegu’s representative intercity bus, express bus terminal Dongdaegu Terminal, West terminal.

#1. Daegu Dongdaegu Terminal(Complex Transfer Center)

Dongdaegu station Complex Transfer Center!
You can conveniently use 6 kinds of transportation including intercity bus, express bus, train, city railway, etc.

After getting off at Dongdaegu station of line 1, Daegu city rail, proceed to exit 2. You can see Shinsege department store entrance and the way to Dongdaegu Terminal. To get to Dongdaegu terminal, take the moving walk and go up one floor by using the escalator.

Or you can exit through exit 3 of Dongdaegu station of line 1, Daegu city rail, and enter using the back gate of the Complex Transfer Center.


In the complex transfer center, 2 Daegu intercity bus and 4 express bus terminals are operational.

You can buy express/intercity bus tickets on the third floor.

You can use the 3rd floor for express/ intercity buses that use gates 1~17,
And you can use the 4th floor for express/intercity buses that use gates 18~36.

You will come back to the first floor, so keep in mind that getting off is at the ground floor, and getting in is on the 3rd and 4th floors.

You can use the ticketing counter if you have reserved or want to purchase an intercity ticket but you can also easily buy a ticket at the ticket machine for intercity.

However, people who reserved an express bus can get the ticket at the ticketing counter.

■Dongdaegu Terminal 3/4th floor destination

3rd floor
Numbers 1~
Incheon Airport, Gimhae Airport, Seoul Gyeongbu, Dong Seoul, Seongnam, Incheon, Euijeongbu
Numbers 10~17
Ansan, Bucheon, Goyang, Suwon, Youngin, Pyoungtaek, Cheonan, Seosan, Daejeon, Cheongju, Gwangju, Jeonju, Suncheon, Mokpo
4th floor
Numbers 18~28
Andong, Youngju, Gumi, Youngdeok, Pohang, Youngcheon, Hayang, Gyeongju(Intercity), Ulsan (intercity), Gyeongsan, Cheongdo
Numbers 29~36
Jecheon, Chuncheon, Heundae, Busan (Express), Ulsan (Express), Gyeongju (Express), Masan, Jinju, Geoje

■How to get to Dongdaegu station Complex transfer center
Address: 149 Dongbu-ro Donggu, Daegu

#2. Daegu Seobu/Bukbu/Seodaegu Bus terminal

Daegu Seobu intercity bus terminal located at Namgu, Daegu city.
You can also use intercity buses here, which is called Seobu terminal.

You can purchase the ticket to your destination at the ticketing counter,
and you can also buy the ticket through unmanned ticket machines.

■How to get to Seobu Terminal
Address : Seobu Intercity bus terminal 496 Wolbe-ro Namgu, Daegu

You will arrive at Seobu terminal, if you come up using exit 3 of Seongdangmot station of line 1, Daegu City rail.

■How to get to Bukbu Intercity terminal
Address : 295 Seodaero-gu Seogu, Daegu Metropolitan City
Transportation: 234, 356, 309, Bukgu1, Seongseo3

■How to get to Seodaegu Express bus terminal
Address : 103 Paldal-ro Bukgu, Daegu Metropolitan City
Transportation: 234, 356, 309, Bukgu1, Seongseo3

Conveniently use Daegu intercity bus, express bus terminal and enjoy your trip!


  1. Can you take pets on the bus? I have a Shiba Inu dog, about the same size as a Jindo. Can I put her in her crate/kennel underneath the bus? How much would it cost? I need to get to the incheon airport.

  2. How can i get a TX bus timetable from Daegu to Jeonju in english? I can´t find anywere. Thankyou


      Please refer to this article for comprehensive info. There are booking tips at the bottom:)