Friday, May 19, 2017

Daegu May Festival :: Dalseong 2017 RED Festival - Tomato Festival in Korea, Find the Gold Ring at the Tomato Festival

The Tomato Festival in Daegu

that you can enjoy!

If there’s a tomato festival in Spain, there’s a Dalseong tomato festival in Daegu!
The 2017 Dalseong RED Festival is celebrating its 3rd anniversary.
It will be held at the physical facility site next to the Daegu National Science Museum for two days from Saturday (20th) up to Sunday (21st of May).

For this year, we are planning to use 80 tons of tomatoes! Are you ready to have fun?

Admission tickets will cost 6,000 KRW for adults and 5,000 KRW for children,
but you may get 1,000 KRW off if you get your tickets at Ticket Link.
Once you enter, we will give you 1 best tomato product and 2,000 KRW worth of gift certificate,
so the actual ticket price is estimated to be about 1,000-2,000 KRW only.

The main program of the Dalseong Tomato Festival is ‘Find the Gold Ring.’
A gold ring that weighs 80 don (about 3.75 grams) is waiting for you visitors!
Please note that children and seniors cannot participate in this program due to safety issues.

If you want to make special memoris with your family, friends, or lovers,
let’s meet at the 2017 Dalseong Tomato Festival~!

* The tomatoes used in the festival are tomatoes with low commercial value, and they will be used as compost after the festival.

Details for the Dalseong Tomato Festival

▲ Map provided: E-Map

Period : May 20, 2017 (Sat) – May 21, 2017 (Sun)
Address : 20, 6 Technodae-ro Street, Yuga-myeong, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, South Korea
Public Transportation : Express Train #4, Dalseong #8 (Get off at the stop in Daegu National Science Museum then walk for 1 min)
Venue : Cultural and Physical Facilities next to the Daegu National Science Museum
Fee : Admission ticket price 6,000 KRW for adults / 5,000 KRW for children
(Upon purchasing tickets, we will give you 1 tomato and a gift certificate worth 2,000 KRW)
Find the Gold Ring: 3,000 KRW

Criteria for applying child fee : Not more than 36 months old

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