Sunday, May 14, 2017

Event : Opening ceremony for 2017 Daegu SNS Citizen Press

Opening & Welcoming Ceremony
2017 Daegu SNS Citizen Press

We had a great event yesterday, Opening ceremony for 2017 Daegu SNS Citizen Press!
This year we have 44 members for Korean, 13 for English and 14 for Chinese. Here’s the live log of yesterday, day with a lot of fun and smiles!

The ceremony was held at the City hall.

All members and especially foreign member are came and finished registration earlier(proud).

The first thing we prepared was the photo wall! Each member held the hand picket enjoyed taking pictures. 

Yesterday was the first day as a member of Citizen Press, Everybody was passionately taking pictures and videos. And Did you catch already? The T-shirts! ‘내♡대구’ is a sort of Daegu dialect - ‘I Love Daegu’. It really fits to press members, all of them applied and selected because they love Daegu!

Had some snacks and attached post-it to ask Mayor of Daegu.

Before the opening ceremony, Ice breaking time! Exchanging name cards, Winning giveaways… Okay the ice cracked. No need to be shy.

Finally opening & welcoming ceremony started. First of all Outstanding members of 2016 received achievement award. And the next thing to do was taking an oathLook at their face, they are seriously swearing in. Somehow it was impressive. Read their will on the faces.

After that every members received letter of appointment one by one.

This was the most interesting program of the day - Body language game with the Mayor! I can say members who were participated in this game are all smart and a good actors. How could they make the correct answers through 6 people? It was amazing and they are all cooperative

Last program, The mayor answered post-it questions.

2017Daegu SNS Citizen Press will go and cover festivals, restaurants and events of Daegu. We will update these contents on the official SNS channels of Daegu City.

Please give a warm hug to all the members, look forward to their news!

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