Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Daegu Red Festival :: Dalseong 2017 RED Festival - Tomato Festival in Korea

The 2017 Red Festival

This past weekend we headed out to the area beside the Daegu National Science Museum.  The was the site of the 2017 Red Festival.  The main sponsor is Dalseong Gun.  We missed the event last year but we heard it was a blast.

There were hands-on experience booths.  Fresh produce from the area and other vendors at the festival were displaying their wares.  For snacks there were the standard food tents, but there were also several food trucks on hand.

Wow, there were bounces houses that combined water to make them slippery and fun.  There was even a Zombie Obstacle course.  Many volunteers were dressed up and had makeup on to catch humans as they wound their way through the course.

Many families brought tents to set up and relax in while taking a break from all the fun. This is a new trend that seems like a great way to maximize your time and be comfortable at all day events.

Event organizers really went all out in safety and comfort.  These big fans were blowing a cool mist over the crowds of people seeking a break from the sun.  Very cool!

The culmination of out day was Min Hee and her mom signed up to search for prize tokens.  There were over twenty prizes hidden in the huge pit of tomatoes. It was very organized.  First children under ten could enter the pit.  Then teenagers then mom and finally the dads were allowed in.

We watched as the volunteers unloaded tons of tomatoes and then mashed them and mixed them all up to make sure every person had a chance to win.  Prizes included boxes of Dalseong Gun local tomatoes.  There was a woman from Colorado who won a box!

Most everyone was hoping to find a token for one of the gold rings up for grabs.  After it was all over it was time to clean up and go eat at a local restaurant.  Wow we had a great time and we will surely head there next year!

■ Public transportation

-Take Red Line and get off at Daegok station / Transfer to Express bus 8 (급행8), get off at Daegu National Science Museum
-Take Red Line, get off at Seolhwa-Myeonggok station / Transfer to bus Dalseong 5(달성5) or 600, get off at Yong-geum industrial complex


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