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Colorful Daegu Festival 2017 :: A great festival to take the family out to - joint coverage, Downtown Daegu

A Colorful Experience
at the Daegu Colorful Festival

If you are new to Daegu or have been here a long time like myself, you ought to hit every festival Daegu has to offer (or at least try to). You think why? Well here are my reasons:

1) You get to meet new people such as the locals of this great city.
2) You get to part take in community activities
3) And you may experience new things

This is what happened to me. It was 28th May, 2017. I was excited to go downtown to check out the Colorful Daegu Festival, but I was thinking I have seen all this stuff before. I was wrong. What made this trip different was I took my baby daughter with me for the first time. I went downtown in my car. Word of warning: Plan ahead for this trip. Certain roads are closed off and traffic is rather hectic. Instead, you may opt for public transport.

Once arriving Downtown, we were blown away with the amount of people present. It seemed like such fun. Even though we arrived Sunday afternoon, I did not feel as though I had missed anything. It was as though the party was just getting started.
Moving on, I ran into a few friends, some from Vietnam and some from the United States. My wife was hungry and so was my baby daughter. We decided to hit a street full of food trucks. We found a great Mexican food truck and we ordered two burritos and a bowl of Mexican chicken with sour cream.
I was rather pleased and we spent about 17,500 KRW on this meal which included a drink. The festival was full of dancers, magic, and activities for children. There were also opportunities to network with fellow citizens of Daegu. I was not able to stay the entire night, but the festival ended with a bang. The mayor of Daegu came out onto the stage and dancing away as he cheered to the crowd.
In summary, I would say if you have never been to this festival, you’re living inside a bubble. We live in Daegu and we work in Daegu. If you`re able to hit downtown at night with your work buddies, yet don’t see the glorious events Daegu has to offer during the day, then I`m afraid you`re missing out. My statement is justified because I too thought that way. After I started to explore further areas and opportunities Daegu presents to its citizens, I was truly able to find myself. Let’s enjoy the festival together next time. 

More and more colorful every year!
- Colorful Daegu Festival

It’s that time of year!
Indeed, Colorful Daegu Festival gets more and more colorful every year with assorted performances, art, and food.

The various dance performances on the streets of Jungang and Jonggak feature ballet, tap, modern, traditional, urban club, and something of a fusion between Mardi Gras and Rio Carnival that makes your body move.

Add to that, the large range of music styles including soft ballads, strong tenors, and urban hip-hop clubbing beats call upon the songbird in you.


 Add to that, the large range of music styles including soft ballads, strong tenors, and urban hip-hop clubbing beats call upon the songbird in you.

Also, works at the Chalk Art Street in Gongpyeong Intersection and Arts and Crafts booth at 2.28 Memorial Park inspire the inner Picasso in everyone. It’s fun to watch the kids and the kids-at-heart make masterpieces!

Finally, the food trucks at Gukchae Park will fill your cravings and spark your curiosity as food from all over the world is introduced.  We tried tacos from a Mexican truck called El Sabor de Mexico


This event is best shared with familiar friends and new-found friends alike. Truly, this festival gets better and better each year. I am looking forward to Colorful Daegu Festival 2018!

Colorful Face Painting
at the Colorful Daegu Festival

Super heroes and cute animals!  These are favorites for kids of all ages at every event or festival in Daegu.  They always bring a smile everyone’s face.  Min Hee patiently waited in line to get hers done.  We are big fans of these ladies.  They work extra hard to get the job done right. They do it all very professionally!

This one made me think of Suseong Lake and the duck boats.  Lots of happy children were getting in the spirit, and having a cute animal on your face makes it more fun.


This little guy was patiently waiting for the artist to settle in her chair and get her things together.  This booth drew huge crowds, but everyone waited their turn.  It shows the harmony of the residents and their children on this hot day.

Old favorites are still popular.  Jang Gu in Daegu at the Colorful Daegu Festival!


Min Hee waited for about 40 minutes in the line.  We sipped cool water and had some snacks while we waited. Min Hee was trying to decide what character to have painted on her face.  Do you know what she picked?

Even dads got into the fun.  This cute girl was so happy her father said yes to having a character painted on his face.  Good job, Dad!

We could not expect to go the whole day without seeing a Larva character on a face or twenty!  One girl brought a printed picture of Hulk to see if the artists would be able to do it for her.  Yep, they were happy to make another child smile.  THANK YOU, ladies for working so hard!

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  1. WOW! I am constantly impressed with the production level present in all of Daegu activities. Looks like a lot of fun!